Albano Morgado

Albano Morgado
Albano Antunes Morgado began his business back in 1927, by setting up a small weaving section in ramshackle premises with only two wooden looms. However, the enterprising spirit of the, then, young businessman, intended to constantly seeking to expand and modernise his company.
Therefore, by 1958, he already owned twelve mechanical looms and some finishing machines and that same year, he decided to set-up a new enterprise with his four children, creating, thus, the company Albano Antunes Morgado, Lda.
In the early 70’s, Albano Antunes Morgado, Lda acquired Leitão & Irmão, Lda in Loriga/Portugal, thereby obtaining licences for a superior number of looms and for a carding section. Since it had a licence for a dyeing section, the business became, then, completely vertical.
The company was completely modernised in the 90’s and at the beginning of the 21st century. Its machinery was replaced, layouts were optimised and computer system was introduced. Its image was rethought, a wastewater treatment station was built and a commitment was made to improve quality.
In 2003 the company has become an anonymous society and changed its name to Albano Morgado, S.A.
Following continuous investments, today the company has the best technology, a covered area of over 20.000 square meters and a workforce of 80 competent and dedicated workers. It’s got more than adequate infrastructure for the development of all stages of the production process, such as Carding, Spinning, Warping, Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing and Packing.
On what concerns human resources’ training and qualification, Albano Morgado, S.A. continuously invests on its employees, who develop first class work, involving themselves in a range of activities aimed to contribute for the continuous development of the company’s knowledge and achieving the final result of the different Morgado Textiles.
Modernity, Development and Technology are the company’s commitment and we’re equipped with machines of the latest generation technologies and modern laboratory apparatus which guarantee final product quality.
Ensuring a high level of quality and design Albano Morgado, S.A. operates in one of the most demanding markets. The today’s ONE!



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