Dear Denier

Dear Denier [di(e)r de’ni(e)r] was founded in
Copenhagen 2012 by Katrine Drost Lewinsky in an
entrepreneurial spirit. Katrine worked 15 years in the
fashion industry for several big fashion brands before
founding Dear Denier.
The company has been growing since then and in 2017
Katrine’s husband Frederik left his job in the Danish
financial industry to join the company and help realize
what is now a family dream

– to deliver sustainable quality products in a cool
modern design at fair prices.

Positioning wise Dear Denier has a unique offering in
the space as an innovative fashion brand and as “the
new generation of hosiery” making sustainable and
functional products for modern women who are
demanding more durable products as well as products
made with thought for planet, nature and people.

Dear Denier is working with +150 retailers in Denmark,
Norway, Holland and UK and represented by high
profile retailers such as Birger Christensen, Nørgaard på
strøget, Nué, Dr. Adams, Stoy, Bolina, and the like.



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