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In order for you to feel safe at Stockholm Fashion District during the corona pandemic, we have taken several steps that we summarize below. New risk assessments are made regularly and we closely follow the advice and guidelines of the Public Health Authority. We warmly welcome everyone who does not have any cold symptoms to Stockholm Fashion District.

If you have the slightest cold symptoms, you shall stay at home. If you get symptoms during the day, go home immediately. You are welcome again two days after the last symptom. If you have a confirmed Covid-19 infection you shall stay at home for at least 7 days after you fell ill, you shall also have been fever-free for 2 days and clearly feel better.

Through signs and information on site and digitally, we provide information on how to avoid spreading the infection and encourage keeping a distance.

Do not exceed the number of people allowed in each area.

We have intensified our already good cleaning routines and have protective equipment in receptions.

We keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters in line with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

We primarily recommend pre-booked physical meetings or digital meetings.

We offer everyone who wishes to participate in our program to do so digitally.

There are fever meters in the district and the companies that operate outside the district are offered quick Covid tests.

We have digital meetings and offer our expertise to help others have digital meetings.

We have produced three films on how to have a digital buying meetings.

The team behind Stockholm Fashion District and our brands and network groups have digital meetings and social activities to hear about each employee and company’s situation during the crisis and continue to meet – through a screen – often.

We work actively with advocacy measures and appeals for our industry.

Our new digital platform makes it easier for companies in our industry to make new contacts, prepare purchases and continue their business digitally!

In parallel with the above, intensive work is underway to support the industry in every way we can, including through advice, summary information, surveys and interviews to describe your challenges during the pandemic for politicians and other decision-makers, network meetings and much more.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us:

Well met!