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Seminar: How to build digital relationships!

11 February 2021

February 11, 2021, at 14.00-15.15

What digital news helps you to a stronger relationship with the customer when we are not seen in the same way and digitalisation goes faster? Together, we examine how the fashion industry has changed and how digital tools and engagement help you broaden your offering and win the customer.

Speakers and topics:
Anna Johansson, Lecturer and Strategic Advisor: In times like these, it is important to be flexible, be able to adapt to the customer’s needs and create a great customer experience! By being relevant to the customer and with a strong commitment, you become attractive and create trust in the brand.

Johannes Lagerås, Creative Director and Retail Architect & Mattias Schedvin, Retail Strategist, Workshop: Workshop helps its customers to create innovative and professional shopping experiences. The goal is for the end consumer to love the solution so much that they not only buy it, they tell the experience to all their friends. Customers include Nike, Nespresso, Samsung, Twilfit and the National Museum. Based on Asian Pomelo Fashion’s new store concept, Johannes and Mattias talk about the store’s role as a fully integrated part of your eco-system and how you create unique values ​​and experiences for your customer.

Janike Eleby and Sofia Lidgren, Stockholm Fashion District: A good relationship between store and supplier has never been more important. Now the Stockholm Fashion District presents a completely new digital platform to make it easier when we can not be seen as we usually are. We tell you about features such as the heart <3, the simplified booking service and how to take part in the brands’ collections online. Also do not miss to participate in polls, a quick way to take the pulse of the industry and you will see what others have answered immediately!

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The seminar will be held in Swedish.