How Stockholm Fashion District takes action

Due to the corona-virus (Covid-19) our industry is in an extreme situation right now and here’s a summary of how Stockholm Fashion District and the trade organization Trade Partners Sweden are working for you right now. We are aware that the situation is escalating rapidly and that our industry is strongly affected. Below, there are a number of questions, please feel free to give us feedback and return with your answers. The answers will be used as a basis for a meeting with the government and are very important for our industry. Our society is completely dependent on a functioning businesses and viable companies, and you are all incredibly important. We will do everything we can to make sure it stays that way.

-What does your situation look like?
-Have companies started given staff notice or dismiss staff?
-Is there a liquidity problem?
-Is part of the industry affected or the industry as a whole?
-What public action do you see as important?
-Anything else you wish to provide?

Contact us to hear how we take action: or +46 (0)8 411 00 22