It’s trade fair season – preparations for a successful trade fair!

A new season is approaching and the preparations for the spring trade fairs are in full swing! To help you get ready for the new season we asked Stockholm Fashion District´s project manager Sofia Lidgren to share her best trade fair tips. Why is it important to have booked meetings? Sofia shares her secret tips that will make you the most popular exhibitor at the fair!

What can you expect at a trade fair today?
“You can expect nice looking and creative stands, interesting seminars, fun events, an opportunities to network with colleagues in the industry and above all, a perfect opportunity to meet new and future customers in a time-efficient manner. However, it is important to remember that your time at the fair is limited. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan your time and set reasonable goals for how to use it. Ask yourself, how long your meetings are in general? Can you optimize the time before and after the meeting? Are there any extra resources that you can bring to optimize your time? A tip from me to keep the motivation and energy on top, is to set personal goals during the fair, such as collect more leads  or business cards than previous fairs. But most important of all is to have pre-booked meetings!”

What is usually included in a booth?
“This may differ depending on the fair, but you will almost always find information about this in the exhibitor information or on the fair’s website. When participating at a fair during Fashion Week Trade a black carpet, white walls, some lighting, an electronic connector and wireless network are included. We also help store your empty goods during the fair.”

What is a good location and how do you get the spot you want at the fair?
“A good location can mean different things depending on which exhibitor you ask, but being neighbor with strong brands with a lot of customers is usually popular. However, it is important to consider what type of flow and work environment that best suits you and your customers. Is it important to have a position near the event areas or the café where the flow of people is high and the opportunity for spontaneous visits is greater? Or is a more quiet corner where you can sit down in peace and work undisturbed more important for you? A trick to get a central location at the fair is to create an attractive stand that looks nice and gives the visitor inspiration.”

Why is it so Himortant to book meetings?
“The purpose of exhibiting at the fair is to meet existing, new and potential customers to do business with and without booked meetings this can be challenging. The visitors often have packed meeting and event schedules so in order to get the time you want with them we recommend booking your meetings well in advance. The time when you passively waited for customers and visitors in the stand is over. Today, that type of seller is outrivaled by the ones who show commitment, care about the customer, are well prepared and book their meetings.”

Are there any secret tips?
“Remember that the stand is not the only place where business can be made! Take advantage of the whole area, activities, seminars and evening events that the fair is offering. Network in the elevator or ask the person in front of you in the cafe why they are there? And finally, my best tips are to always be generous with energy, ideas and snacks in your stand.”