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Jennifer Blom creates preloved and sustainable fashion for the special moments in life. To purchase either custom made or second hand and pass on to the next generation. Or simply to rent, wear and shine for that once in a life time occasion. Either way, this is a brand that goes beyond a dress, and that explores and respects the world we live in and it's different phases. It's a continuous movement where the journey both before and after the destination is as important.  

The power and inspiration of nature has been an essential part of creation since the birth of the brand Jennifer Blom. The work is a collaboration with our environment. The vision is to create natural beauty and with carefully handmade clothes provide a sustainable alternative for a more conscious lifestyle.

Each dress by Jennifer Blom is a unique life of its own. The everlasting ambition is to create a long, happy and active lifetime for the garment, where it becomes a treasured companion sharing special moments.  With high respect of what our bodies wear and a strong awareness of the garments origins, Jennifer Blom contribute to a healthier environment, to minimize waste and make purposeful products.
- I've always believed that people value hand crafts and sustainable alternatives when it comes to fashion. The garments I make lead to minimal waste and eliminates over-production. I also strive to deliver the highest textile quality with a unique value and guaranteed long life time. I believe we must all do our part for the future to help and ensure that our planet has enough resources to go around.
- The focus of my brand has been sustainability from the very start. It's so inspiring to see how young consumers today are embracing circular design – it gives me hope! I truly believe that the best way to invest in the future is to take good care of your customer with carefully selected, good quality products that make the customer want to invest in clothes that last longer and can be passed down to the next generation, says Jennifer Blom.
The brand Jennifer Blom is a highly relevant fashion and lifestyle alternative. The unique selection of upcycled and recycled festive dresses are never outdated. With the highest quality materials from sustainable sources the brand offers more than a dress. It offers valuable clothes to wear and save for life. 

Visit or and hand pick your own favourite and get it custom made and beautifully handcrafted. Customers of Jennifer Blom can also rent a gala/party dress for the moment or purchase luxury second hand to wear and save for years to come.

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