Stockholm Fashion District steps into the future!

During Fashion Week Trade, February 3-8,2020, Stockholm Fashion District launches a new platform for creative presentations and fashion shows and at the same time open up for the opportunity to create public events.

Stockholm Fashion District has a strong reputation of being a dynamic and powerful meeting place. During Fashion Week Trade, the district is expanded to give room for meetings, the development of new skills and creativity along with the obvious and important trade perspective. Now, the offer is further strengthened with an arena for creativity with presentations, fashion shows and public events. At the new platform brands get further opportunities to showcase their design and creative process in meetings with buyers and in some cases even with end consumer. This direct contact will give insight to the creative process, the importance of sustainable consumption, raises the status for the fashion industry and will provide feedback for a more market-adapted production.

We are facing a big and exciting change in our industry and everyone needs to review their business models and information, including Stockholm Fashion District. We are a young and fast-moving cluster that builds potential and provide business benefits for our customers. Through our new venture, we want to create a platform where new creative initiatives can shown to a wider audience,” says Helena Waker, CEO of Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District. “Fashion is equal parts creativity and trade. Creativity must be given room for trade to continue to develop,” continues Helena Waker.


More information about participating brands will follow, but the first presentation on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 is dedicated to Stockholm Fashion District.


Gunilla Grübb, Head of Public Relations, Stockholm Fashion District
+46 70 209 30 57,
Janike Eleby, Head of Communication, Stockholm Fashion District
+46 70 307 85 59,

About Stockholm Fashion District (SFD)
SFD is established by and for the Swedish fashion industry by the Association of Trade Partners Sweden. Each season, 900 Swedish and international brands, including textiles, showcase their new collections or participate in one of the many events organized in the district. The district acts as a hub for business with showrooms, trade fairs, buying days, production, education, development of the fashion industry and is open 365 days a year.