Stockholm’s guide from our district friends

Christofer Insulander is the stylist behind the show Survival signed Stockholm Fashion District. Here is his Stockholm guide!

Hi Christopher Insulander, what is Stockholm’s best meeting place for a business meeting?
“I usually ask to meet people on their turf, that is, they get to decide. It is an easy way for the other party to feel comfortable. Otherwise, I usually prefer discrete places, as I much prefer to be able to talk undisturbed than being in the “right” place.”

Favorite restaurant or bar?
“Barbro, Minh Mat, Sun De Vich and Central Bar on Folkungagatan!”

Stockholm’s best walking or running route?
“The running distance from bed to “Systembolaget” on a Saturday just before 15.00 (closing time) is both refreshing and challenging, and there are several different courses to choose between in Stockholm. Otherwise, I do not run much, unless it is to platform 10 at the Central Station. ”

Where do you get the best shopping experience?
“I rarely buy clothes for myself, but when I want to expand my wardrobe, I visit Emelie Janrell for costumes and Diana Orving for various patterned knit blouses, they both have studios at Östgötagatan 37. I buy jewelry from Yasar Aydin at Jus and shoes at Sko Uno! ”

What do you prefer to do on your free time?
“The most fun HANDS DOWN that can be done in Stockholm on a free Sunday is to visit the hard rock karaoke event at Anchor Bar on Sveavägen. Beyond that, another favorite activity is to go to the store Brandstationen and check out lamps and jewelery I will never be able to afford, or to Stockholm Fotoantikvariat! Apart from that, I like to go to the cinema alone at Rigoletto (reclaim one man cinema visits!) ”