The future of retail

We continue to explore new concepts and future retail. Sneaky Steve is a Swedish shoe brand with great knowledge in crafts and leather. They have several own stores, run their own e-commerce and can be found at over 400 external retailers. During the autumn they tested the store trend showrooming with digital screens in the middle of Nordstan in Gothenburg. We have talked to Sneaky Steve’s founder Måns Månsson about the experience and what he thinks about the future of retail.

What are the main benefits of the showrooming concept?
“For us at Sneaky Steve, The Fitting Room responds to many of the challenges we have with traditional retailers. Here, customers are given the opportunity to explore, try and order shoes from our entire range available online. Thanks to the customer trying out the shoe before ordering, we were not as affected by costly returns. In the fitting rooms, the customer can look at themselves in an optional virtual environment where music, light and image contribute to setting the right mood and atmosphere. We are very impressed with the outcome of The Fitting Room, which increased our total e-commerce sales by 43%. We also reduced the percentage of returns by 89%.”

What do you think stores will look in the future?
“Digitization will go faster and faster so you need to increase speed rather than slowing down. The physical store will not disappear, but it will be located where the customers are. A large responsibility lays on the real estate owners to adapt premises after the omni-way of thinking and make them smaller. I can also see more collaboration between several brands where you share a surface in order to make it more interesting for the consumers and to be able to own the margin all the way.”