Our mission is to bring joy to our customers with high quality design products, while improving the welfare of women in rural areas of Africa

At Mifuko, we honour the rich heritage of African handicraft skills and Nordic design. Mifuko baskets, bags and home décor products are made by more than 1,300 women artisans in rural Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, and sold in over 30 countries.

By choosing Mifuko, you become part of a global movement for positive change. As a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), we ensure fair wages and provide consistent orders, supporting entire communities for a brighter future.

Discover the beauty of design with a purpose. Each Mifuko product is a unique, handmade masterpiece that weaves together classic Nordic design, traditional African handicraft, and the story of a strong, independent woman. You’ll find her name written on the tag, symbolising her individual journey.


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