Tokyo Shoe Makers på Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair

Most of the brands participating at Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair from Tokyo Shoe Makers this time use vegetable tanned leather in their shoes. Why is that?
– With a growing interest in sustainability in the fashion industry, vegetable tanned leather is drawing attention. Pionero, one of the brands we represent, have developed their own unique vegetable tanning technique. Their vegetable tanned leathers are incredibly soft and keep the shape. In order to introduce this special vegetable tanned leather, we will showcase a special collaboration exhibition at the Nordic Shoe and Bag Fair. Each brand represented at the fair have made special shoes only for the fair by using Pionero’s vegetable tanned leather. We hope you will enjoy seeing the quality of the leather and different styles of each brand of team Tokyo Shoe Makers!

It’s second time to participate in the Nordic Shoe and Bag fair for you. Please tell us more about your brands.

There are two promising brand-new brands coming to the fair this time. One launched the brand starting with made-to-order shoes for women who suffer from hallux valgus. The other is specializing in comfortable boots and pumps.

We don’t know so much about Japanese shoe business.  Please tell us what is the “selling point” of Japanese footwear.

The most characteristic feature of made in Japan shoes is “Proper fit”. We care and pay great attention to use proper wooden lasts and manufacturing processes for any type of shoes, especially formal shoes in order to avoid causing foot problems. “Foot first. Shoe is second”. In other words, we keep trying making shoes to fit feet rather than letting people find proper fit shoes for their feet.