Tokyo Shoe Makers på Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair

Tell us a bit more about the Japanese brands participating at Nordic Shoe and Bag Fair!
-In addition to the five brands who received most favorable reviews from the previous fair in August, two promising brand new brands and a total of seven brands will participate during Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair in February. Each brand will showcase sustainable vegetable-tanned leather shoes in their own one of kind design and style with a comfortable sensation and highly advanced technique to make best use of the leather.

Doing you second time around at Nordic Shoe and Bag Fair – what do you look forward to the most?
-We look forward to meeting future partners in Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries at the fair. Our representatives at the Nordic Shoe and Bag fair are carefully selected as the most highly expected brands to successfully enter and fit into the Scandinavian market among 160 independent shoe makers from our association. Our goal here in Sweden is to show Scandinavian people how much fun it is to wear our shoes, you actually become happier. In order to make it happen, we love to create a solid network in Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries with whom we can share our thoughts.

In 2018, Sweden and Japan are celebrating 150 years of trade together. Swedish people love to work with the Japanese people. What are your thoughts about doing business with Sweden?
-Swedish design and brands have been very popular in Japan because of its sophisticated style. We learned from the previous fair that Sweden and Japan have so much in common. For example, like the Japanese, Swedish people are shy but friendly and generous, once we start talking. We got the impression that Swedish people are very professional and have good faith in their own business. We always appreciate and love to work with someone who is passionate and professional. Hence, we strongly believe that Sweden and Japan can be great business partners. 2018 is an important year for Sweden and Japan. We wish to build stronger connections in various fields between two nations and would love to be a bridge for the fashion industry. We hope to see you all at our stands 212 and 217.