About Stockholm Fashion District

Stockholm Fashion District is an innovative and unique community and business venue with digital and physical showrooms open 365 days a year, fashion weeks with a focus on trade that brings together Swedish and international brands and buyers, textile events and forums for creativity and creation as well as the possibility for further development at seminars and workshops. The district is visited annually by designers, e-commerce, retail, international delegations, stakeholders and other fashion enthusiasts.
Welcome to Stockholm Fashion District.

Read more about our platforms, activities and events below.

Stockholm Showroom

Stockholm Showroom consists of 10,000 square meters and 85 showrooms with Swedish and international fashion brands. Stockholm Showroom was inaugurated in February 2016 and here daily business is done and new contacts are made at activities, events and fashion weeks.

On the five floors of Stockholm Showroom, men’s, wear women’s wear, children’s wear, accessories and lingerie are presented in a personal and professional way to make it easier and more efficient for store owners, e-commerce and buyers. A cluster and a community of showrooms, where there is always a cup of coffee or a glass of bubble for you who is our guest. Take the fastest route up to your meeting or botanize on the five floors’ after something new, unique or what’s flying of the shelves for others.

Welcome all year round, at events and at booked meetings.

Stockholm Shoe House

Stockholm Shoe House consists of three floors with Swedish and international shoe brands. It is also the heart of the Swedish shoe industry and hosts varying events for buyers, store owners, e-commerce and their teams, shoe producers and their trading partners. Stockholm Shoe House has grown organically and since its founding in 2009 it has been expanded in five stages to provide space for strong representatives from Sweden and the world.

Sneaker lovers sometimes need a dressed shoe, and those who walk in heels sometimes walk in the woods! Whether you are looking for something unique or want to see the news from the most well-known brands, you’ve come to the right place. Look at the new models and colors in peace and quiet, figure out what worked best for others with your suppliers and colleagues in the industry, maybe a new segment or an old favorite with new details may be what the customer longs for without yet knowing about it?

Welcome to 4200 square meters and 55 showrooms that are open all year round for booked meetings and for events.

In addition, buying days are arranged in Varberg twice a year.

Textile & production

Stockholm Fashion District includes textiles and accessories, such as buttons, zippers, labels and much more, for designers and buyer’s production. Nordic Fabric Fair (previous Preview Fabric & Accessories) is something as unique as an international, but graspable, creative textile fair in Scandinavia. For many designers, the new season begins as much here as at the sketch table. Within the walls of this fair, there is a great deal of knowledge among the experts in textile materials and accessories who participate. Here, the new textile collections are presented before the international fairs. We also host pop-up days, such as Textile Day, where representatives of international weaving mills and factories meet Scandinavian designers.

Fashion Week Trade
with showrooms & guest brands

Twice a year in February and August, Fashion Week Trade is arranged at Stockholm Fashion District and online. We present an exciting program based on a theme, related to the business intelligence we gather, and opens the doors to all showrooms and presents fantastic guest exhibitors. Our focus is to be a value-creating and interesting meeting place for efficient business. You get new knowledge, new contacts and inspiration as a bonus.

Encouragement for Action

Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District as an encouragement prize and an exhibition with the aim to encourage sustainability and development in the fashion industry. Stockholm Fashion District always works inclusively and together with a renowned jury, important organizations and stakeholders in our network, we award selected companies and brands a recognition for an achievement that can be a product, a project or equivalent. The award should be seen as an encouragement to continue on the paved path and as inspiration for others to continue their sustainability journey. In this way, Stockholm Fashion District contributes to creating awareness of important ideas within sustainability in our industry.

Philip Warkander, senior lecturer in fashion science at Lund University, is chairman of the ethics council and author of the foreword that frames what sustainability in the fashion industry means.

A curated exhibition of the nominees and previous winners connected to the 17 global sustainability goals is presented in connection with the prize ceremony and continues with participation in other settings, such as at World Trade Day and Preview Fabrics & Accessories on previous occasions.

Nordic Lab

All industries need a business lab for growing companies. A lab where young companies can meet reality, where they are given an opportunity to build experience for future challenges and show their unique design. That is why we have created Nordic Lab.

During Nordic Lab, we gather experts with strong roots in the fashion industry or in their respective field to help participating brands to add knowledge and experience to their company. Experience can then help them reinforce their brand story, values and expression. Here, new brands and designers can interact with stores, broaden their network of buyers and build relationships with other brands, agents and sales organizations. Our goal is to create a platform where we can contribute to building global fashion brands from the Nordic region for the future.

Nordic Lab is an annual event in February each year at Stockholm Fashion District. Our aim is that the participants will continue to benefit from the network and use their new knowledge throughout the coming year.

Networking groups

Stockholm Fashion District is founded and run by the Association of Trade Partners Sweden. Trade Partners Sweden works to create the right conditions for our members to be successful. We do this by actively participating and influencing the development within our members’ industries. Major efforts are also being made in the legal field to protect free trade and thereby improve the business opportunities for agents, distributors, importers and others who run their businesses in an international environment.

Under the roof of Trade Partners Sweden and at Stockholm Fashion District, several industry-focused networking groups gather to discuss current and specific issues in these important forums. Do you want to join the group for fashion, shoes, textiles, interior design, underwear and bags? Store owners and buyers are welcome to Buyers Club. Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more!

Seminars & education

Stockholm Fashion District help promote further education and our seminars are aimed at companies with growth potential in the design and fashion industry. You can be active in retail or e-tail, within a design company, as a designer, agent or distributor, marketing manager, salesman or CEO. Through close collaboration with guest lecturers and experts in areas identified by the fashion industry as important, we ensure that Swedish design and fashion companies have exclusive access to unique expertise, knowledge that otherwise require years of practical experience or a budget that only large companies can match. In this way, a positive industry development and strong national growth is promoted. The Swedish design and fashion industry is taking another step forward towards becoming the world’s sharpest entrepreneurs.

Association of Trade Partners Sweden

Association of Trade Partners Sweden was founded in 1914 and has extensive experience in improving the opportunity for business for companies, including through business venues. Trade Partners Sweden is the founder of and run Stockholm Fashion District and under our roof, trade fairs and digital network meetings are arranged for industries such as interior design, fashion, shoes & textiles.

Our mission is to create the best possible conditions for our members. We are the partner that many companies lack and need for their businesses to develop and become successful.

All companies – big and small, established and start-ups – have started in a similar way. With a meeting or an idea. What then makes some more successful than others depend on a variety of things. One that’s sure to affect your business is the way you act when challenges emerge along the way – agreements to be concluded, contracts to be signed, goods to be sold and marketed. A membership in Trade Partners Sweden can make all the difference.

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Stockholm Fashion District is located in Nacka strand, Stockholm.