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At Stockholm Fashion District, we offer both ready-made advertising opportunities and tailor-made solutions, all to increase the visibility of your brand. We help you reach your target group in the most effective through digital as well as physical channels. With us, you can reach out through everything from banner ads in our newsletter, to native articles on our site. You can also market yourself through our social media, as well as through an event with us under your own lead.

Only the imagination is the limits and we love to brainstorm ideas and are experts at adapting to a set budget. Feel free to contact us through the form below for a proposal or to test your idea on us! Please include more information about your company or brand and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information.

We reserve the right for fully booked periods and the right to make adjustments to the material received, so that it is consistent with our communication. Confirmed bookings apply.