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The season’s image and theme

A warm welcome to a new season at Stockholm Fashion District! We will start this season by inviting you to Fashion Week Trade, 3-8th of February, 2020. Our ambition is to offer effective business opportunities, give you an overview of next seasons trends, new inspiration and market intelligence and host talks about our industry´s future where you can expand your network.

The theme and image of the season is developed in collaboration with Hyper Island where we investigate how A.I. and digitalisation can be used to take your businesses and the fashion industry to a new level.

I used the phone in this image just not as a phone, but also as a mirror. We tend to look for new inspiration through social media and apply them to our selves. It’s not only you, it’s not only me, most of us do, and the real question might be who isn’t?”

Johanna Molin, Digital Media Creative student, Hyper Island

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