Hi Nils, Holebrook Sweden! How was Fashion Week Trade?

How was Fashion Week Trade for you?
“Above expectations! Much thanks to a larger showroom, which meant the opportunity to conduct meetings at a safe distance. It also gave us more attention.”

You found several new customers, how did you manage to do so during the current situation and pandemic?
“Yes, we experienced a great deal of interest in our autumn collection and we present a very strong collection with a focus on sustainability. We have worked a lot with our brand over the past year. We know what we stand for and have thus gained a clearer DNA that is reflected in the collections.”

Did you have digital or physical meetings, or a combination of both? How did it work?
“We have had both physical and digital meetings. We were well prepared for digital sales meetings and have filmed a show of the entire collection and have clear digital material that has worked very well. Also internationally, as several countries have a lock down. But, that being said, our spacious showroom felt safe and great for meetings!”

What does the next season look like at Holebrook Sweden? Colors and materials you focused on?
“We continue to work with our sustainability focus and do not compromise. Both in terms of quality and production, but also design. Knitwear is the foundation of our brand and we are constantly developing new qualities and knitting patterns and also our Originals collection of wind-lined knitted garments. When it comes to materials, we work a lot with natural materials, such as wool, which meets the requirements for sustainability and the quality that we strive for.”

How was the new collection received by customers? What did they like?
“We have a strong program in merino wool that we have developed even more. We have also created a smaller collection in knitted viscose that turned out to be a bestseller. Many people discovered it already in the lobby where we were represented during Fashion Week Trade.”