Store of the Month October 2022: Rogers Fjällbacka

Rogers Fjällbacka is one of four stores, that owner Maria Erlander runs in the beautiful urban area of ​​Fjällbacka in Bohuslän. In connection with appointing Rogers Fjällbacka as the store of the month, we asked Maria to tell us more about the store. Below you can read more about what the arrangement looks like for the different stores when it comes to assortment, what their biggest asset is and how to weave sustainability into the work through quality and initiatives with second-hand and vintage garments.

Tell us about Rogers Fjällbacka, how did it all begin?
My grandmother started Rogers in the 1920s, then my father took over the store, and then I after him. First I ran Rogers Fjällbacka as a seasonal shop, as Fjällbacka is a tourist resort that blooms during spring and summer. We are now open Thursday to Sunday during spring and autumn, every day during the summer, and are closed during the winter months, February to March. Today I run four stores in Fjällbacka; Rogers Fjällbacka, Rogers by the Sea, Step by Step, and Tång Fjällbacka.

What type of products do you sell?
Quality is the driving force in all four stores. The assortment ranges from classic timeless, via comfortable sporty, to modern and trendy. Rogers Fjällbacka sells products for men from brands like Ralph Lauren, Morris, CP Company, Dondup, NN07, Hartford, Nudie, RM Williams, Philippe Models, and Autry. Brands for girls include Ralph Lauren, Hartford, Le Mont St Michel, Bellerose, Rails, Davida, Mos Mosh, Lois, Second Female, and Co-Couture.

In our store Step by Step, next door to Rogers, you will for example find, Dagmar, Ahlvar, Stylein, Closed, Soeur, Mother Jeans, Max Mara Weekend, Notshy, A Pair. As Step by Step is closed during the autumn, you can find these brands at Rogers. At the Rogers by the Sea store, we work with Sail Racing, Holebrook, and shoes from ON. The Tång Fjällbacka store has 50% interior design with brands from, among others, Hay, HK Living, Tell Me More, Bruka, Hein, Humdakin, Elin PK. The clothes come from brands like Marlene Birger, HOPE, Rodebjer, Samsoe Samsoe, Ganni, Vanessa Bruno, ATP. Tång Fjällbacka also has a webshop, where the idea is to collect brands from all four stores.

What is the absolute best thing about running a store?
To have the favor of working with clothes, my passion and great interest – for that I am very grateful. I like everything about the business profession, including the social part you get with customers and suppliers. The aesthetic with color, shape, design, and interior design. You get to be all in one; buyer, seller, decorator, personnel manager, and marketer.

Photo: Photos from the store Rogers Fjällbacka.

What kind of strategy do you have when it comes to the assortment that you buy?
Difficult question, I get a feeling before each season about how my stores should be experienced. This of course after the influence of magazines, Instagram, television, and so on. We only buy what we ourselves like and choose our suppliers with care. We value close, long-term collaborations.

What would you say your customers appreciate most when they visit you?
Our biggest ambition is to offer a stimulating and inspiring store environment where all customers feel a warm and welcoming reception from knowledgeable and quality-conscious staff. I hope and believe that is what the customers feel when they visit us. 

The issue of sustainability is high on the agenda these days, how is it in your industry and how do you work with sustainability?
A keyword for us is slow fashion. Quality is a driving force for us. Buy fewer clothes that last longer. We love vintage and second-hand. Just this week we run vintage/second-hand in our new store “Tång” with clothes from the staff’s wardrobes. 

What would you say is your greatest asset? And what would you say is your biggest challenge?
Our absolute greatest asset is that we operate our stores in the holiday paradise of Fjällbacka. Customers come here regardless of economic boom or bust. We also see that people are drawn here even during the low season, such as during autumn and spring. The challenge is that you can find our brands online, often with discount codes from various stores and suppliers.

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