After the past year in the complex world we live and work in, it is more important than ever to encourage those who those who continue to focus on progressive sustainability work in the fashion industry.

After being thoroughly reviewed by Encouragement for Action’s ethical council, led by Philip Warkander, senior lecturer in fashion studies at Lund university, along with Camilla Modin Djanaieff, Elin Larsson and Hanna Wittrock, this year’s nominees have been handed over on to each jury group. The jury groups have come to the following results:

The nominees in the four categories for Encouragement for Action 2021 reads as followed…

Closing the loop
The enabling of reuse and a circular economy where waste and the environmental impact have been minimized to the extent that a cycle exists or is perceived as an opportunity close in time. New business models are the solution to the problem of continued consumption in a more sustainable manner with respect for raw materials, the environment and people.

Adrian Zethreus, Re:Textile
Camilla Kock, Klarna / Trade Partners Sweden
Harald Cavalli-Björkman, Re:Newcell
Johannes Bogren, Södra
Kajsa Guterstam, Svenska Institutet
Linda Pimmeshofer, Microsoft
Marie Jonsson, Rekotex
Sofia Lidgren, Stockholm Fashion District

Nominees 2021
Nimble Patch
Stadsmissionen Remake

Fashion innovation
Digital and innovative advances that have led to or in the near future will lead to a positive sustainable change. We encourage those who with a new perspective or through new technology have found solutions and linked fashion to development. Innovation stands for daring to be a visionary and pave the way for others.

Andreas Andrén, We aRe Spindye
Erik Lindvall, Guringo Designstudio
Gunilla Grübb, Stockholm Fashion District
Jennie Rosén, Swedish Fashion Council
Klara Palmberg Broryd, Broryd Industrier
Lars Mattiasson, xplot
Nils-Krister Persson, Smart Textile
Simon Hjelte, Fashion Ink

Nominees 2021
Icebug (greppteknologier)

Fashion retail talks sustainability
The use of the digital or physical meeting with the customer to encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices regarding how and what to consume at the time of purchase. Sales must involve caring for the customer and all actors must be part of the journey towards a more sustainable consumer society.

Anders Börjesson, Nacka Kommun
Caroline Hamrin, Arkivet Sthlm
Helena Waker, VD Trade Partners Sweden / Stockholm Fashion District
Gabriel Duke, Sveriges Textilhandlare
Karin Strassburg, Invest Stockholm
Karolin Forsling, Alecta
Palle Stenberg / Sandya Lang, Nudie Jeans

Nominees 2021
Care of Carl

Sustainable Identity
A product or brand with a sustainable identity that has entered the market with a narrative. In the conversation about the product or brand, we become aware of sustainability as a starting point, which accompanies the product or brand in it’s encounter with the outside world.

Anna Blom, BLOM Agency
Linn Frisinger / Helena Leach Squire, Swedish Stockings
Janike Eleby, Stockholm Fashion District
Jon Bergsman, WDW Creative
Kajsa Åström, Habit
Konrad Olsson, Scandinavian Mind
Nina Campioni,
Robin Douglas Westling, Swedish Fashion Council
Sarah Arts, Asket

Nominees 2021
A New Sweden
Rave Review

The winners will be revealed at the Encouragement for Action talks 2021 the 1st of September.


Ethical council
The term “sustainability” has lately been used so extensively and in such a broad sense that it has almost lost its meaning. Almost everything can now be called and described as sustainable, it seems. This development has very dangerous consequences, as both industry operators and consumers may find it difficult to understand actual sustainability initiatives from more superficial ones.

For this reason, the Encouragement for Actions (EfA) ethics council in 2021 has been joined by three new members: Elin Larsson, program manager at RE: Source, Camilla Modin Djanaieff, founder and CEO of Modin Communication and Hanna Wittrock, senior lecturer in textile management at the School of Textiles in Borås. Our mission is to counteract the view of sustainability as a trend among many. The Council’s task is to ensure that EfA does not contribute to further “greenwashing”. We do this through a critical review and evaluation of the nominated contributions.

About Encouragement for Action
Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District as an encouragement award and an exhibition with the aim of encouraging sustainability and development in the fashion industry. Stockholm Fashion District always aim to work in an including manner and together with a renowned jury, important organizations and stakeholders in our network, we award selected companies and brands a recognition for an achievement that can be a product, a project or equivalent. The award should be seen as an encouragement to continue on the path and as inspiration for others to continue to develop their sustainability journey. In this way, Stockholm Fashion District contributes to creating awareness of important ideas within sustainability in our industry.

Janike Eleby,, 070-307 85 59
Sofia Lidgren,, 073-539 03 66