We are live!

Welcome to the new Stockholmfashiondistrict.se. We are designers, textile suppliers, brands, sellers, buyers from stores, chains, e-commerce and department stores, clerks, web developers, PR agencies, tech companies, startups, inspirers and trend analysts, visionaries, business leaders, property owners, international delegations and passionate fashion enthusiasts that form Stockholm Fashion District’s community online and the physical district by extension. All an important part of the fashion industry and together we create a meeting place for creativity and trade.

Together, we are Stockholm Fashion District.

Join our community, business network and gain knowledge. Our agenda is clear, to create an efficient, ever changing and valuable business meeting place for sustainable trade with innovative power for the fashion industry. For the past twelve months, we have all been challenged to rethink and make new decisions at an even faster pace. We have fought hard and taken new paths. The important work of gathering, supporting and elevating companies continues and you continue to do the same in your companies and for your customers.

Hold on, we will get past the challenges, brighter times and spring will come soon.

A warm welcome to the new Stockholmfashiondistrict.se.
Helena Waker, CEO