They can win sustainability price Encouragement For Action!

On Wednesday 17th of June, Stockholm Fashion District will announce the nominations for the prestigious Encouragement for Action award. Four reputable jury groups in each category have selected 3-5 finalists who all in their own way act for a more sustainable fashion industry. The winners will be presented at a ceremony on August 10, 2020 in connection with Fashion Week Trade.

Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District and is an initiative aimed at encouraging companies to continue on the path towards a more sustainable fashion industry.


fashion tech

Gemme Collective
Guringo Design Studio – Streamateria

fashion retail talks sustainability

Arkivet Second Hand
Cissi och Selma
House of Dagmar

closing the loop

Arkivet Second Hand
Remake, Stockholms Stadsmission
Södra (PET/CO separation)
XV Group

value-bearing sustainability

Arkivet Second Hand
John Sterner
Hope – A new standard

Patrons of Encouragement for Action 2020 are BMW Bilia Group and Nacka Municipality.

One of Stockholm Fashion District’s three key words is to be inclusive. Would you also like to work towards a more sustainable fashion industry within this project or do you have other questions? Please contact us!


Gunilla Grübb, Head of Public Relations, Stockholm Fashion District +46 70 209 30 57,

Janike Eleby, Head of Communication, Stockholm Fashion District +46 70 307 85 59,


In June 2018, Stockholm Fashion District instituted an award to raise awareness and bring attention to important ideas in sustainability, digitization and fashion tech. Stockholm Fashion District always work inclusive and, together with important organizations and stakeholders in our network, we assign selected companies and brands recognition for a performance that can be a product, a project or equivalent. The award should also be seen as an encouragement to continue on the entered path. In this way, we want to participate in creating awareness and bring attention to important ideas in sustainability in our industry.

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