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On Monday evening, August 10, the fashion companies Asket, Guringo Design Studio, Arkivet Sthlm and Once more by Södra received the Encouragement for Action 2020 award for their sustainability work. The ceremony was held at an intimate dinner at Stockholm Fashion District in the presence of the reputed jury, the nominees and Encouragement for Actions’ important patrons Nacka Municipality, The city of Stockholm and BMW Bilia Group.

The development within sustainability does not stand still with the pandemic. The acclaimed fashion companies are all innovative pioneers in sustainability and the importance of their work is greater than ever for the fashion industry of the future.The companies were praised by the fashion industry for their strong conviction, creativity, work with new business models, new technology, innovation, value-driven communication and courage.

”There is an interesting link between the pandemic and the climate crisis. The pandemic has forced us to take actions that the climate crisis has already called for. In many ways, the current situation has forced us to speed up processes that we have already planned to start. Maybe, after all, something good can come out of the difficult situation we are now in. It is from crises that new thoughts are forced to be born and we now decide which fashion landscape we will be in when the crisis is over. Maybe it’s a more sustainable fashion industry we see before us then – I hope! ”, said Philip Warkander, senior lecturer in Fashion Science at Lund University and chairman of the Encouragement for Action’s ethics council, in his introductory speech during the ceremony.

“It is with great pride that we present Encouragement for Action 2020. The current pandemic has moved the future closer than ever, where sustainability is an important part. It requires innovation, creativity and stubborn work. Both this year’s winners and the nominated companies show that the Swedish fashion industry is well equipped for the ”new normal” that is waiting around the corner,” says Helena Waker, CEO, at Stockholm Fashion District and Trade Partners Sweden.

Winners per category

fashion retail talks sustainability

Motivation: The winner of this category has a vision and business concept based entirely on a clear focus on a sustainable wardrobe. Already in the first contact as a customer, you meet the clear message, and it lasts all the way from production and delivery to the store – regardless of whether you visit the site or physical store. An innovative, modern and transparent inspirer for the industry.

The winner is: Asket fashion tech

fashion tech

Motivation: The importance to dare and be a visionary that paves the way for others and to lead a positive sustainable change is more important than ever. We have long seen a need for new circular business models. This year’s winner have, for a long time, taken the lead in the discussions and dared to question standards in the industry. The garments have a short lead time, can be manufactured via a 3D printer and last for 48 hours. The construction can be compared with a leaf and the idea of using the garment is like listening to music via a streaming service. In the collaboration launched with PUMA, they put themselves and Sweden on the map and show how the fashion industry of the future can work and look.

The winner is: Guringo Design Studio

value-bearing sustainability

Motivation: Bodies and tastes that change and the longing for something new do not have to mean newly produced. The most sustainable garment is the one that has already been produced and then loved and used again and again. With a high degree of fashion and a strong focus on the experience in the store, our winner wanted to make it easy for customers to consume fashion in a sustainable way. Today, they have two stores and the concept is simple; submit what you no longer use but could consider buying yourself, ie modern clothes in good condition. The idea of circular fashion is found in this year’s winners’ DNA to a very high degree and they have strongly contributed to the fact that used clothes now are worn by even more fashion-conscious consumers and that garments can live on with new owners.

The winner is: The Archive

closing the loop

Motivation: An innovation that clearly contributes to circular material flows for textiles by taking the complex issue of textile recycling further while providing a market-ready and scalable solution. The winner of the closing the loop category strengthens Sweden’s position as a country of a circular pioneers.

The winner is: Once more by Södra

Thanks to….

A warm thank you for your commitment to Encouragement for Actions’ patrons Nacka Municipality, BMW Bilia Group, The city of Stockholm, jury groups and partner organizations.


In the photo: Sarah Arts, Asket, Caroline Hamrin, Arkivet Sthlm & Erik Lindvall, Guringo Design Studio (Once more by Södra is missing from the photo). Photographer: Rasmus Lindahl, Studio Emma Svensson

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