Blue Line

Blue Line
M.J.Michaelsen A/S is a Danish wholesale and retail company founded in 1829.
Covering three centuries, we have made products that promote and reflect the current fashion trends for both men and women.
Whether you are into fashion, leisure or outdoor, Blue Line provide headwear to match your needs.
In our Blue Line range you will always find the very best materials and fabrics available.
In previous years, we have had tremendous success with italian made felt hats made of exquisite materials like wool, cashmere, rabbit hair, thanks to a huge expansion of our range in this exciting segment. As always, you will find plenty of exciting new items, both for the fashionable, but also for leisure and outdoor use.
M.J.Michaelsen A/S works hard to maintain its leading position within organic and recycled fabrics in all our product groups....and the vast majority of our goods are made in Italy, as we believe European production reduces the impact of transport on our climate.



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