We are CABANO.
Cabano is located in Canada. Nowhere else in the world are the cities, the sea and the mountains as breathtaking as in Canada. Nowhere else in the world do high-tech and nature, wilderness and big cities blend harmoniously with each other like in Canada, and nowhere else in the world do the weather and applications demand so much preparation. This unique and fascinating phenomenon has traditionally been our challenge and inspiration for the sportswear of CABANO NEW CANADIAN.
Many jackets have functional features, like ”High Performance, CO-3, Ultra light, Active Shell, Down tech, Welding, such as special padding, coated materials, which makes the jackets windproof and waterproof.. Extremely flexible materials and a soft grips also play an increasingly important role.

Cabano stands for high-quality, attractive and cost-conscious fashion. Trade loyalty makes the company a true service provider of the specialized trade. Cabano was founded in 2003 and since then has successfully sold in Germany, Europe and USA, Canada and Asia.

Communication with the customer is important for us. We want to be close to the market and are an attractive label alternative to the ”brands”.

Fit safety and high quality standard in the delivery are the guarantee for good sales.

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