CISO interprets the newest trends and designs clothing for the confident and fashion-conscious woman in size 38-56.
Styling curves for autumn 2021, CISO once again focuses on comfort, fit, and new fashion trends with its casual denim look with a bohemian feel.
In this collection, CISO has concentrated more on loungewear than usual, which can be seen both in material choices and silhouettes.
Colour-wise, CISO begins autumn with beautiful colour harmonies of faded blue tones combined with a cool caramel and a delicate rose.
A bit further into the season, a scale of dusty olive green and brown tones as well as black will be added, while CISO fans can look forward to a real colour fest well into the season with reds going from subtle, delicate rose tones over intense pinks, and into deep, beautiful rhubarb and cranberry shades.
The colours are mixed and matched in beautiful harmony, and materials are selected to add effects, structure, and a bit of an edge. But of course without compromising on comfort and freedom of movement in the final item.
Prints and colours draw inspiration from a world of berries, plants, and flowers — fresh as well as dried. Animal and camouflage patterns appear in new variants.
Chunky knitting and soft denim are key elements in the collection together with a soft sweat fabric used in dresses, tunics, and a long sweat with hoody. Combine the tops with printed leggings for a look that’s both cool and cozy.
As always, CISO has a firm grasp of fashionable details, and in autumn 2021 the trend is about things such as satin bands, frills, puff sleeves, and wrap, tie, and ruffle effects. Another detail can be seen in a beautiful jacket with a detachable fake fur collar where the hood is lined with soft, short-haired fur. A soft and impressive extra detail.
Each CISO item can be mixed and matched into a personal look with a subtle or strong bohemian feel.
Among CISO’s new key items are a buttoned, chequered sh-acket (combination of the words shirt and jacket), which can be used open or closed, and trousers in jog denim.
And don’t miss neither CISO’s new quilted vest, the classic denim jacket or the superstretch denim trousers, the flowered viscose dresses, the knit cardigans in several lengths, the three quarter sleeve blouses, nor the trousers with rivet and zipper details.
CISO’s outerwear has become a permanent and popular part of the collection, and this autumn season offers a range of jackets and coats in both long and short styles, including the popular, padded raincoat which will be available in a new camouflage print.
CISO is the denim brand for women who want a feminine, casual look to wear every day. A look that is also easy to style up with a couple of well-chosen fashion accessories for when you’re going out to a café with friends or for other fun events.

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