Dansk Copenhagen

“Growing up in difficult circumstances in combination with my desire to stand out, meant that I learned to look for alternative styling options early in my life. I sewed and knitted my own clothes and tried with the funds we as a family had to create my own style.

Today, in all my designs, I try to think of several styling options for each piece of jewellery. Whether it's the adjustable length of my chains, the multifunctional features of my earrings and necklaces or adjustable rings.

Malene Storm, she is the creative and passionate designer behind the jewellery company. All jewellery is plated with either 14 carat gold, silver or rhodium. Silver and rhodium are very similar - but silver seems a bit more white - especially in the matte version. All of the jewellery is of course nickel-cadmium and lead-free. All ear sticks are made of surgical steel.

Currently, pearls are a big trend and we use real freshwater beads. This is because, real pearls naturally vary slightly in both shape and colour, which makes each and every pearl jewellery very special.

We also use crystals that shine with the characteristic facet-cut surfaces. Cubic Zirconia (CZ), which is an artificially made gemstone in a family with crystal. Depending on the design and size of the stone, we also use glass crystals, which also reflect the light.


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