Stockholm Fashion District is a creative, vibrant and innovative district for the Swedish fashion industry. The district is a hub for business and creativity with showrooms, trade fairs, buying days, production, pop up events, education and business development for the fashion industry.

Each season, 900 Swedish and international brands show their new collections or attend one of the many events organized in the district. Stockholm Fashion District is a unique platform founded by and for the Swedish fashion industry by the Association of Trade Partners Sweden. Welcome to Stockholm Fashion District.

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Stockholm Fashion District the story

“We have always felt a pride for every aspect of the fashion industry, there are so many people who are passionately driving the industry forward”, says Helena Waker, CEO of Stockholm Fashion District.

How did a fashion district come into existence?
It was by communicating with the customers, dare to take the opportunity, learn and constantly have an open mind that Helena Waker and her team together with the fashion industry managed to establish Stockholm Fashion District.



During Preview Fabrics & Accessories, which took place on 29-30th of August, a toolbox was presented during a breakfast with guest speaker Carina Lundberg Markow, member of the board of UN Global Compact Network Sweden and Managing Director of Responsible Asset Management at Folksam who gave us an introduction to the 17 global goals.

The basis of this toolbox comes from a workshop held on the theme of sustainability during Preview Fabrics & Accessories in January 2018 with store managers, buyers and designers. During the workshop, we identified several sustainability issues to address in the relationship between designer and store.


We regret that the toolbox only is available in Swedish.


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Pictures from the Stockholm Fashion District Summer Party

Highlights from fashion week in Stockholm Fashion District

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The Stockholm Fashion District Brand Guide 2/2018 is here!

Read the brand guide here or stop by to pick up your own copy!

News from our press office: New Industry Initiative, Encouragement for Action, encourages sustainability in the fashion industry

With the 17 Global Goals and the importance to act and talk more about sustainability in the fashion industry as a stepping stone, Stockholm Fashion District together with other important organizations and stakeholders in our network, are establishing Encouragement For Action.


Encouragement for Action – Foreword by Philip Warkander

Fashion is one of today’s most central cultural expressions. With our clothes we communicate who we are, but also who we want to be. Fashion can be creative and playful, a way to confront boundaries and challenge outdated norms. In addition, fashion is also an important industry; In Sweden alone, the industry employs almost 60,000 people, most of whom are women. But the influence of fashion is not entirely positive. Next to the oil industry, the fashion and textile industry is considered to be the most polluting in the world. The reasons are several – from raw materials produced in unsustainable ways to clothes being thrown into the garbage when the consumer is tired of them and wants something new. The clothes that, on the one hand, create jobs and joy in many people’s everyday lives, on the other hand, contribute to an increasingly polluted world. For a long time it was hard to see how these seemingly different stories belong together. Today, we know better: they are two sides of the same coin.



Hi Nicklas Schedin, Grandpa, which is the best spot for a business meeting, both casual and formal?

“Downtown Camper. Excellent service and nice atmosphere. Great conference rooms as well.”


The visitor’s guide to Stockholm: WHERE TO EAT, DRINK AND SHOP IN STOCKHOLM

Hi Klara Palmberg-Broryd, Director of strategy and innovation at Nacka Municipality, which is Stockholm’s best spot for a business meeting, both casual and formal?

“I really like to walk and talk. I use the waterfront walks or the forest, nature kind of shifts your perspectives. Or the opposite, when in down town Stockholm I like Luzette at the Central station, easy for everyone to get to and good food and coffee.”


From our press office: Concrete cooperation with Bea Szenfeld

Stockholm Fashion District is proud to announce that the creator Bea Szenfeld is linked to the district. Through recurring exhibitions and as a guest creator behind the season’s image, the collaboration is presented.

“People from the fashion industry and other creative industries pass through Stockholm Fashion District daily and therefore I have chosen the district as one of my permanent exhibitions,” says Bea Szenfeld in a comment about the cooperation.


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