Stockholm Fashion District is a unique and innovative business venue with 150 showrooms open 365 days a year, fashion weeks gathering 900 Swedish and international brands as well as forums for creativity and further development under the roof of Fashion Business Academy. The district is visited annually by designers, e-tail, retail, international delegations, stakeholders and other fashion enthusiasts. In order for you to feel safe at Stockholm Fashion District during the corona pandemic we have taken several steps, read more by clicking this link. Welcome to Stockholm Fashion District.

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Fairs & Showrooms


Plan your visit during Fashion Week Trade

The receptions are open from 09.00-18.00 on the 10-15th of August, but you are welcome to book meetings with your suppliers at a time that suit you. Please note that the dates for when our guest brands participate will vary, but all will be in place on the 12-14th of August!

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This season, we will be happy if you prepare your visit by registering in advance online to avoid congestion. Sign up for Fashion Week Trade here!

Participating brands

This season, more than 500 brands are featured during Fashion Week Trade, you can filter in alphabetical order or segment under “Brands” in the site’s menu.

Find your way

Stockholm Fashion District is located in Nacka strand, Stockholm.

Due to the pandemic we have no bus service this season. Instead, we offer free parking, VIP service with the BMW Bilia Group and a fixed price for taxis between Cityterminalen and Augustendalsvägen 7 in Stockholm Fashion District, Nacka strand.

For addresses, information on how to get here and to take part of the offers mentioned above, read more under “Visit the district“.



On Wednesday 17th of June, Stockholm Fashion District will announce the nominations for the prestigious Encouragement for Action award. Four reputable jury groups in each category have selected 3-5 finalists who all in their own way act for a more sustainable fashion industry. The winners will be presented at a ceremony on August 10, 2020 in connection with Fashion Week Trade.

Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District and is an initiative aimed at encouraging companies to continue on the path towards a more sustainable fashion industry.


Coming event: Preview Fabrics & Accessories

Preview Fabrics & Accessories is something as unique as an international, yet graspable, creative textile fair in Scandinavia. For many designers, the new season begins as much here as at the drawing board. Within the walls of this fair, an enormous amount of knowledge can be gained from the experts on textile materials and accessories exhibiting. Here, you can get a sneak peek at the new textile collections before the international fairs. Welcome to Preview Fabrics & Accessories and keep your eyes open for invitations to pop-up days!

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Welcome to the district Ceannis!

Ceannis is a Swedish company that started in 1988 with Swedish design and production of bags, accessories and a home collection. Sustainability lies warmly to Ceannis and for the coming season you can see fine burnt tones with elements of brown, green / moss green, beige, black, gray, denim but also elements of strong colors such as orange, purple and yellow os Ceannis.

Tell us what themes you are working on for Autumn / Winter 20?
“The themes for Autumn/Winter 20 are Atelier, Conservatory, Kaleidoscope and Collab:

SFD in continued collaboration with Invest Stockholm

For the second continuous year, Invest Stockholm and Stockholm Fashion District are collaborating by bringing together the city’s strengths to create a lively business meeting place for a fashion industry in transformation.

Stockholm is ranked as the most popular destination for international retailers in the Nordic region and the inhabitants are known for being so-called early adopters, quick to pick up news and it is one of the reasons why international retailers see Stockholm as a major test market for everything from new sustainable materials and upcycling to circular business models.



It is with tremendous sadness and an ungraspable sense of loss that we announce that Jan Björnum, Chairman of the Board of Trade Partners Sweden, has passed away after a short period of illness. Our thoughts go to his wife Helena Björnum, his children and grandchildren with gratitude for the time we got together and his great life’s work for agents and distributors in Sweden and internationally.


Registration to participate at Fashion Week Trade

We are facing a unique situation, but at the same time we want to prepare for a different situation in August for all of us. Therefore, we work proactively and prepare for the next season. It is more important than ever to continue to do business and make new contacts.

Welcome to participate at Fashion Week Trade 12-14th of August, 2020!

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Do you have questions? Contact project manager Sofia Lidgren:
+46 (0)73-539 03 66

How Stockholm Fashion District takes action

Due to the corona-virus (Covid-19) our industry is in an extreme situation right now and here’s a summary of how Stockholm Fashion District and the trade organization Trade Partners Sweden are working for you right now. We are aware that the situation is escalating rapidly and that our industry is strongly affected. Below, there are a number of questions, please feel free to give us feedback and return with your answers. The answers will be used as a basis for a meeting with the government and are very important for our industry. Our society is completely dependent on a functioning businesses and viable companies, and you are all incredibly important. We will do everything we can to make sure it stays that way.

-What does your situation look like?
-Have companies started given staff notice or dismiss staff?
-Is there a liquidity problem?
-Is part of the industry affected or the industry as a whole?
-What public action do you see as important?
-Anything else you wish to provide?

Contact us to hear how we take action: or +46 (0)8 411 00 22

An appeal for agents, distributors, suppliers and brands

The trade in consumer goods and much of the global production is delayed. Our agents, distributors, suppliers and brands dealing with exports and imports are currently in an impossible situation.

“We will have to stop taking salaries, but keep on with our work.”

Liquidity is severely threatened due to non-payment of delivered goods. Produced goods that already have been paid cannot be delivered. Orders that are commissionable are canceled or put on hold. Agents, distributors, suppliers and brands are forced to carry large costs, both for factories and their principals reduced revenue, and for customers failed ability to pay. Bankruptcies are a fact.

Trade Partners Sweden receive daily reports on principals that keep commissions, due to lack of payments from customers or simply because they feel like they need to keep the money in order for their own liquidity. Commissions on sold collections and goods available in the stores this spring
will be withdrawn as the goods cannot be delivered when factories have no production or goods does not arrive on time. This means that all the work done by agents, distributors, suppliers and brands during the past year is, in principle, unpaid.

At the same time, all fixed costs remain.


Stockholm’s guide from our district friends

Christofer Insulander is the stylist behind the show Survival signed Stockholm Fashion District. Here is his Stockholm guide!

Hi Christopher Insulander, what is Stockholm’s best meeting place for a business meeting?
“I usually ask to meet people on their turf, that is, they get to decide. It is an easy way for the other party to feel comfortable. Otherwise, I usually prefer discrete places, as I much prefer to be able to talk undisturbed than being in the “right” place.”



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+46 (0)8 411 00 22 Monday – Friday 09.00-17.00
Address: Stockholm Fashion District, Augustendalsvägen 7, Box 107, SE-131 52 Nacka strand, Sweden.
Delivery address and logistics center: Stockholm Showroom, Augustendalsvägen 5B, SE-131 52 Nacka strand, Sweden.
Address, Association of Trade Partners Sweden: Vasagatan 46, p.o. box 3146, SE-103 62 Stockholm, Sweden.

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