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Magee / Robert Noble

Tweed from Donegal, Donegal from Magee - Ireland

Magee Weaving is a fifth-generation Irish family business with over 150 years’ experience in designing, weaving and finishing luxury fabrics in their mill in Donegal, Ireland.

Today, we combine our rich weaving heritage with contemporary design to produce beautiful luxury fabrics in the heart of Co. Donegal. We are proud to champion sustainability as a principle of our ethos in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world. For over 150 years, we have worked predominantly with ‘natural fibres’ which are biodegradable and made from renewable resources. In addition to our long association with the raw material of wool, we also specialise in working with other key natural fibres, such as Irish linen, cashmere and silk.

The ethos of Magee Weaving is also shared with our Robert Noble collection. Robert Noble joined Magee Weaving in 2015, it is inspired by it’s deep rooted connection to Scotland and woven in Donegal.

Magee Weaving and Robert Noble offer a Made to Order service with two seasonal collections and an extensive Stock Supported range. We have also developed a range of Interiors fabrics.

You can see Magee / Robert Noble's autumn collection here:

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Magee SS22:

Robert Noble SS22:

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