dbramante1928 in collaboration with WWF

Today during Earth Day 2021, dbramante1928 presents their brand new collaboration with WWF and thus takes a big step forward in their sustainability work. This makes them the world’s first climate-positive company in mobile & computer accessories.

dbramante1928 works for sustainable production all the way from product to distribution, packaging and energy consumption. They have set high goals and are determined to achieve them: a positive nature and climate development with WWF as a guide.

We are extremely proud of the collaboration with WWF and of becoming the world’s first climate-positive company in mobile accessories. We hope that others can be inspired by a small company like us that can succeed in implementing a major positive change towards more sustainable production and by our journey. ”, says Marcus Johansson, dbramante1928.

The new collaboration with WWF was a natural next step. WWF has been the world’s leading independent nature conservation organization for 60 years. Their mission is to create a world where humans and wildlife can thrive together. WWF works to help local communities conserve the natural resources they depend on, to change markets and policies towards sustainability, and to protect and restore species and their habitats.

Read more about the collaboration with WWF here!

dbramante1928 have their showroom at Stockholm Fashion District, visit their digital showroom here!