New in the district: Icebug

Icebug is a Swedish brand founded in Gothenburg in 2001. They are world-leading at shoes with a grip and are mainly known for their studded shoes. But Icebug is not just ice and snow anymore. They are growing fast with their summer assortment and are also the world’s first climate-positive shoe company. We had a chat with Joakim Niemi, Icebug, to welcome them to the district!

More and more customers discover Icebug, what is it that the customer loves about your brand?
“Those who buy a pair of Icebugs do it for different reasons. To be able to walk or run safely the whole year round is, of course, one large reason. Others buy our shoes because we are that far ahead in our sustainability work, more and more customers are looking to make a conscious choice. We have taken on the leader shirt, intending to make the whole shoe business more sustainable and that reflects in everything we do. Many chose Icebug because it’s comfortable shoes that last a long time. The grip, the sustainability, and the quality would be the summary of this.”

Why is it that you have chosen to establish yourself at Stockholm Fashion District?
“For many years we have rented a stand during the fairs and felt that it was time to establish closer contact with our customers and have a more set location in Stockholm, and we think we can do that with this establishment. We also have the honor to start working with Philip Karlsson that will be responsible for the Stockholm region and this feels like the natural place for him to act from.”

A warm welcome to Stockholm Fashion District!