Röhsska’s fashion days are characterized by transformation and adjustment!

During Röhsska’s upcoming fashion days in March 2023, the museum has adopted the concepts of transformation and adjustment in talent development, fashion and textile production.

The fashion days originate from a collaboration with Textile Movement talents and the exhibition Nordiskt Mode nu: Stickat och tryck, which will be shown at the museum during the spring and summer of 2023. Through future explorations, retrospectives and reflections on newly started networks, the fashion days reflect what fashion looks like today but also where it has been on the way. Through workshops, lectures and conversations with the majority of professional players in the industry, the fashion days will highlight different perspectives on talent development in the fashion industry. It will also be about the conditions for a sustainable transition for the fashion and textile industry.

There are three central questions that reflect the fashion days this year. They are about what kind of networks and platforms are required to act creatively and sustainably, how young designers are allowed to participate and drive the necessary transition forward for a sustainable future. They also reflect where the rooms are for creators and recent graduates in fashion who support new expressions, desire for experimentation and alternative ways forward.

The fashion days are organized March 16-19, and you can read more about them here.

Pictured above: Tuuli-Tytti Koivulas collection won ALPHA Award during Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023. Photo: James Cochrane.