Store of the month July 2022: Butik Mariette

Butik Mariette, which has been named store of the month July 2022, is a store that is located in both Linköping and Loftahammar. In Linköping there is the main store and the store in Loftahammar works more like an extra store, with a little more sporadic opening hours (these can be found on the store’s social media). Both stores are run by the owner Mariette, who is passionate about individualized service, and in addition to her entrepreneurial spirit, has experience in, among other things, color analysis. Read more about it and other interesting things in the interview with Mariette below.

Tell us about Butik Mariette, how did it all start?
It all started with two clothes racks at home in my living room and expanded to a first store in Linköping. For the past 11 years, Tannefors in Linköping has been the basis for my passion and my entrepreneurship. I also have a summer store in Loftahammar, where I have my roots.

To be able to help customers from head to toe is the purpose of the business and the driving force behind me creating Butik Mariette. I want customers to come here and be filled with joy, colors and inspiration. It was also important for me to capture everyone’s needs. I wanted to create a store that all generations can shop and thrive in. That is, I always assume that daughter, mother, grandmother and grandmother will be able to shop together. Therefore, we try to stay up to date on both new, as well as recurring trends and styles. We want to help bring out each individual’s charisma, which begins with their clothing choices!

What type of products do you sell and what market do you turn to?
We offer clothes from several exciting fashion brands, right now about 12 pieces. With us, all body shapes can find their style; we have sizes 34-56. We also offer a small range of interior design products that suit young and old, trendy and retro lovers. We offer fashion shows in the store but also in optional locations, because we also want to make it an experience to shop. For example, we have groups of girls who reunite a few times per season over an evening of shopping with us. There are always unique moments and a lot of laughter.

Photo: Picture from inside the store / The store’s shop window

Would you say that today it is more important to be able to offer the customer a wider assortment with a mix of both fashion and interior design than it was before?
Yes, I have noticed over the years that there is more demand. I think people are attracted to the whole in a completely different way today. People are so dynamic now and their feelings about what they want to wear or are met at home constantly vary, so I think it is better to have a wider assortment that matches the changing needs.

The issue of sustainability is high on the agenda in these times, how is it in your industry and how do you work at Butik Mariette with sustainability?
The main thing we do for the environment is that we save on the clothes that are not sold and sell them out at other times. Instead of throwing away and constantly falling into the trap that everything has to be new all the time, we have chosen this track – precisely to try to maintain a healthier approach to our purchases.

What is the best thing about running a store?
I love working with personal service and I love the creative process behind everything. I am driven by creating and making others happy. I try to use the knowledge I gained during my years when I worked with skin care and color analysis, to recognize more factors that play a role in customers’ clothing choices. So the process becomes very complex in a way and that’s what’s fun. What I find most exciting and rewarding is that clothes can be a real lucky pill. So what could be better than letting people around you, get a hefty dose of joy in the lukewarm everyday life?

What is the most difficult thing to run a store?
That it is hard to tear yourself away sometimes because it is so damn fun and the customers give me so much energy and joy of life!

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