Store of the Month June 2022: JoRD

Along the water on Östra Köpmangatan in Stenungsund is the clothing store JoRD, which is run by Lena Karanzas. In connection with us naming JoRD as the store of the month for June 2022, we took the opportunity to ask Lena some curious questions about the store, the assortment and her thoughts on how to best meet the customer.

Tell us about JoRD, how did it all start?
It started 16 years ago. I, Lena, had worked in the transport industry for 20 years. The idea of ​​a more creative profession had long existed. I worked extra in a newly opened store called Jord at Stenungsungstorg’s shopping center. When only the store was 4 months old, it went on sale. Since I have always had a genuine interest in clothes, I bought the concept. Completely inexperienced, me and my then partner (who is now more bought out), completely inexperienced by the industry, stood there with a clothing store. A women’s and men’s store that had Object (Bestseller) and Gabba as our only brands. Our concept was a little “rockier” than the more classic stores that existed. At the time, the industry was much more brand-focused and all customers wanted Hunky Dory, Pleasejeans, OddMolly, and more.

We slowly and surely started trying to develop the store and bring in more brands. Then it was not so easy because there were more established stores with well-known brands. We went on many rivets which became good lessons. After 4 years, when I became the sole owner, I removed the men’s segment and concentrated more on women’s wear – which paid off. I slowly and surely began to bring in more attractive brands. We have also invested heavily in jewelry and bags.

We have also had a webshop as a complement. It is down right now but will be up and running again in June, in an even better version than before. Today I mainly have Rebecca who helps me full time, together with some extra staff. We have the store in a shopping center that is basically always open.

What type of products do you sell?
Because the customer is no longer so brand-fixed, it makes it easier for us to sell and find more unique brands where we can buy smaller quantities. It has become more important for the customer that they really like the garment for the sake of the garment and not because it is a special brand.

Clothes, bags, shoes and a lot of jewelry, especially Carolin Svedbom and some unknown brands that I find at suppliers on my trips to Malaga. JoRD is a more trend-inspired store that invests more in a few unique garments. However, we have chosen to continue working with Bestsellers brands Object, Vila and Selected Femme, but now on a smaller scale. We also have Neo Noir, which is our best-selling brand. In addition to these, we also have Inwear, Coster Copenhagen, Leve Room, Lois, Ivy Copenhagen, American Vintage, and more.

What is the absolute best thing about running a store?
Our customers! The joy of helping them find their style and feel good. Of course also that you get to work with your interest.

Photo: The shop

What strategy do you have when it comes to the assortment you buy?
We try to be loyal to our suppliers. The relationship with them is extremely important to us. We like to work with collaborations, evenings, and competitions together. Then of course we always try to find something new to keep the store’s trend factor up. At JoRD, both mother and daughter should be able to shop.

What would you say your customers appreciate the most when they visit you?
Our honesty and our positivity. Here, the customer should always feel at home. A wonderful atmosphere is important. We are happy to offer coffee and a little chat. Our unique location right by the sea also gives a wonderful feeling.

The issue of sustainability is high on the agenda in these times, how is it in your industry and how do you work with sustainability?
Sustainability is very important! Our suppliers work a lot on this and above all recycled materials.

Which would you say is your biggest asset? 
Our greatest asset is my staff and our fantastic location. Also that we are always at the forefront and find unique garments and accessories for our customers.

What is your best tip for inspiring the customer?
We take time with our customers. Show them pieces and give them tips of course. Rearrange signs and the hanging often. Social media is super important today, especially Instgram. We also run live shopping on Facebook every other week.

What do you think is the biggest driving force the customer has to want to come and shop in a physical store instead of online?
The personal meeting and the possibility to get help, seeing and trying on the products.

JoRD on social media
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