Store of the month: La Leia

La Leia is a magical lingerie universe with staff who are dedicated experts in lingerie in all sizes and for all occasions of life. They choose products carefully from the international market’s most interesting and best brands in lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. The stores are located in Helsingborg, Malmö and Stockholm. We took the opportunity to ask some questions to La Leia.

Tell us about La Leia! What do you offer your customers?
“La Leia is a magical lingerie universe and our staff are dedicated lingerie experts of all sizes, for all occasions. Our products are carefully selected from the international market’s most interesting and best brands in lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. Our tips and advice are professional and come from many years of experience in the lingerie industry. In our stores, we have created a personal, cozy and elegant environment to feel at home and safe in. La Leia strives to inspire, uplift and praise women and the female body, and to make women feel fantastic inside and out. We do not hesitate to dress everyone who loves underwear, whoever they are… it is not just girls who enjoy silk and lace. At La Leia, you can also book the store for yourself and your friends and let us tailor an unforgettable experience in the store according to your wishes. We offer everything from bridal showers to mother and daughter experiences or your own booked time where you get a luxurious fitting together with our professional staff. ”

You have stores in Helsingborg, Malmö and Stockholm – do they differ in terms of range and customers?
“No matter which La Leia store you visit, the magical feeling and service is the same.”

If you are getting married, what can you get for your help?
“La Leia is the perfect destination for trying on lingerie for a wedding. A bridal fitting at La Leia is an experience in itself, where we help to find the perfect lingerie for the dress and for the wedding night. Of course, we sprinkle the bride-to-be with that little extra glitter before the wedding, and encourage, inspire and celebrate her.”

What is the most fun thing about running a store?
“The meeting with all the wonderful customers! We are passionate about service at La Leia and love to invite people into our magical world. To be able to offer fantastic products, and to inspire the customer to build an underwear wardrobe that makes them feel empowered. The bra is the garment that is closest to the heart and we want beautiful and well-fitting underwear to set the tone in every woman’s wardrobe, it does not matter if you dress for an important meeting, a cozy Friday night in or for your own enjoyment. We love to educate, to get to be problem solvers and to be creative about underwear and its function, design and purpose.”

What is the main challenge of running a store today and how do you overcome it?
“The challenge is to make every woman come here and to make her feel comfortable and trust our expertise, to dare to step into the fitting room and let us “do our magic”! We are passionate about dressing every woman in luxurious and wonderful lingerie, making each day gilt-edged with comfortable luxury and, for the trendy customer, find the latest styles from the major brands in lingerie and swimwear and we achieve this by choosing the right range, trends and products. We do not compete with e-commerce as our expertise cannot be found online and in the pandemic we have continued to offer private bookings and the opportunity to have your underwear sent home, all to create a safe shopping experience. By working close to the customer and listening to their wishes, we strengthen our vision of how we want to run the business.”

What do you think the store of the future will look like?
“The store of the future will be more like a showroom where the customer comes for an extraordinary experience and the stores will not be filled with products, but the customer comes for testing of size and which models that fit, then an order is placed and the customer gets the products delivered the next day. As a store, you do not want to sit on large stocks, instead you buy what the customer wants, which creates unique tailored purchases based on the customer’s needs and a smooth and frictionless flow between suppliers and retailers.”