Store of the Month: ShoeMe GOLD

ShoeMe GOLD is a small personal shoe store with a carefully selected assortment of shoes, bags and asseccories, that is run by Matilda with staff in Ödåkra, Sweden. We took the opportunity to ask Matilda some questions to hear more about the store and its assortment, but also how she thinks the future store will develop!

The shoe store ShoeMe GOLD started in 2014 in Magasin36 in Höganäs but moved to Ödåkra Spritfabrik in spring 2021. Matilda tells us about the premises:
“We found a fantastic premises at Spritan where ShoeMe GOLD fits well into the old rustic rooms where I can get a wonderful mix between shoes, bags and accessories.”

You have a carefully selected range, tell us how you reason?
“We sell women’s, children’s and men’s shoes in a fairly small area. My idea is to have a carefully selected range that still appeals to most people. I try not to bring in too big brands and models. The customer should feel that it’s a range that you don’t find everywhere. We also want teh customer to walk around the store and get inspired by colors and shapes and how you can match the shoes with bags and accessories.”

What is the most fun thing about running a store?
“Service is what I am really passionate about and I love to say goodbye to a very satisfied customer leaving the store. It is especially fun with children’s shoes where we want to help the little ones to find good shoes. I myself have three children who are 8 and 10 years old and our little one who is 1.5 years old, so my experience in children’s shoes is great. We are only open Wednesday to Sunday in the store so I have the luxury of being home with our at youngest two days a week! The most fun thing about running a store is that I get to do a mix of everything. I do not like to sit still, so running around the store and helping customers and optimize the stock are things I think are fun. When I’m not in the store, I take care of the bookkeeping or work with purchasing.”

What is the main challenge of running a store today and how do you overcome it?
“The challenges of running a physical store are to try and keep the stock down and be sure to buy models that leave the store. It is also important to work a lot with Instagram and Facebook to keep customers aware that you exist and know why they should prioritize us as a store. And to create a personal environment for the customer. I am careful not to work with discounts more than on carefully selected occasions.”

What do you think the store of the future will look like?
“I believe that the stores of the future preferably should be combined with an online shop and that the customer, if they are to shop physically, wants to feel inspired and get great service. A location like ours, at an excursion destination, will be a winning concept in the future I think.”

What does a good basic wardrobe of shoes look like?
“A good basic wardrobe of shoes contains sneakers. A pair of white sneakers and a pair of dark sneakers. Choose sneakers you are able to wear both with a dress and trousers. A pair of lace-up boots or chelsea boots can be used with most things and then, of course, a pair of boots that can withstand cold and wet weather.”