The collaboration between Stockholm Fashion District and Touchtech continues

In 2020, Stockholm Fashion District began a collaboration with Touchtech, experts in digitizing the customer journey in stores and showrooms. The purpose was to support Swedish fashion companies in the ever faster pace of digitalisation that the pandemic has brought. The collaboration continues into 2021 and several satisfied users talk about how they have strengthened the relationship with customers, even in the absence of global travel and physical meetings.

One brand that choose to test the concept is the shoe brand Sneaky Steve. Kristian Torsson, co-founder and Sales Manager at Sneaky Steve, tells us about his experiences with Touchtech’s digital sales tool.

We have talked about investing in some form of digital showroom solution for a long time to make it easier to keep in touch with our foreign customers and customers who, for various reasons, are not able to travel. When we received information about SFD’s offer with Touchtech, we were not late to say yes, and we are very pleased with the result! There are many different digital solutions out there that definitely work well for simpler sales meetings, but when it comes to selling a new collection, including its expression, it has been great to be able to build your own digital showroom where customers also can explore and interact. We also think that our digital showroom has been a good solution for follow-up meetings we have regularly with larger customers to easily get an overview of the collections. After testing Touchtech, both we and the customers can affirm that it is a flexible solution that saves both time and money.