Jimmy Klintenberg

Trade Partners’ experts: Here are the members’ most frequently asked questions in logistics – and Jimmy Klintenberg answers

Jimmy Klintenberg is CEO of Greenway Logistics and works as Senior Advisor in logistics and supply chain. In an exclusive interview with Trade Partners Sweden, he shares his expertise in logistics consulting. As a member of Trade Partners, you get access to more global analyzes like this one and digital seminars. You can easily become a member here.

Jimmy Klintenberg works as Managing Director at Greenway Logistics and Senior Advisor in logistics and supply chain.

– Everyone can save money if they act smarter and also very often, therefore, greener in their logistics. We do free logistics advising to members of associations in the textile, fashion, sports, and lifestyle industries. At the moment we are active in eight countries. And we see the proof of the pitch every day.

What are your special areas?

– We concentrate where the costs are the highest – transport, customs, and warehousing – and where there are benefits in the economy of scale, we always try to bundle and find savings for the members of the associations.

What can you help a Trade Partners member with?

– We do benchmarks on transport costs, free of charge for all members, and we can also support customs issues. Today, there are so many variations in customs regulations depending on the customer – B2B or B2C – and the country of origin as well as trade agreements between countries and between EU and countries.

What are the three most common questions that these member companies ask you, and your reply?

– Price-related questions for export shipments and also help in finding the right transport service for a specific delivery. A rising question is about CO2 emissions in transport. We support this with a concept we call CO2 Improve where we help to reduce the emissions based on starting to measure the company’s emissions. What we answer? We can always help! And if we can not, then we find out who can.

In logistics, what’s the most important thing to consider in 2024?

– After the pandemic, the focus on sustainability became a top priority. We can see that for many companies, and also customers, sustainability has now dropped. This is although the governments have put up high targets in transition to more sustainable business models, both with legislation and incentive models. We work hard to support companies and members to find the right milestones to achieve a transition cost-efficiently. To support here, just give us a call! We are there for you as a member benefit, free of charge.