How can we, Stockholm Fashion District, contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and help spread good examples? Asking ourselves this question led to the introduction of the Encouragement for Action award. For the fourth year in a row, Encouragement for Action brings together a renowned jury, committed partners and the ethics council when the nomination period opens today. Welcome to spread encouragement with your nominations!

After the passed year, and in this complex world we live and work in, it is more important than ever to encourage those who continue to focus on progressive sustainability work in the fashion industry.

The four categories in Encouragement for Action 2021 are:

Closing the loop
The enabling of reuse and a circular economy where waste and the environmental impact have been minimized to the extent that a cycle exists or is perceived as an opportunity close in time. New business models is the solution to the problem of continued consumption in a more sustainable manner with respect for raw materials, the environment and people.
Previous winners: Rekotex (2018), re:newcell (2019) och Södra/OnceMore®, (2020).

Fashion innovation
Digital and innovative advances that have led to or in the near future will lead to a positive sustainable change. We encourage those who with a new perspective or through new technology have found solutions and linked fashion to development. Innovation stands for daring to be a visionary and pave the way for others.
Previous winners: We aRe SpinDye (2018), Atacac (2019) och Guringo Design Studio (2020).

Fashion retail talks sustainability
The use of the digital or physical meeting with the customer to encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices regarding how and what to consume at the time of purchase. Sales must involve caring for the customer and all actors must be part of the journey towards a more sustainable consumer society.
Previous winners:
Filippa K (2018), Nudie Jeans (2019) och Arkivet Stockholm (2020).

Sustainable Identity
A product or brand that with it’s sustainable identity has entered the market with a narrative. In the conversation about the product or brand, we become aware of sustainability as a starting point, which accompanies the product or brand in it’s encounter with the outside world.
Previous winners: Swedish Stockings (2018), Bite Studios (2019) och Asket (2020).

The nomination period runs from April 12 to June 1, 2021. The nominees for Encouragement for Action 2021 will be presented on June 22, 2021.

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Logo & 2020 year’s winner of Encouragement for Action.

Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District as an encouragement award and an exhibition with the aim of encouraging sustainability and development in the fashion industry. Stockholm Fashion District always aim to work in an including manner and together with a renowned jury, important organizations and stakeholders in our network, we award selected companies and brands a recognition for an achievement that can be a product, a project or equivalent. The award should be seen as an encouragement to continue on the path and as inspiration for others to continue to develop their sustainability journey. In this way, Stockholm Fashion District contributes to creating awareness of important ideas within sustainability in our industry.

Philip Warkander, senior lecturer in fashion science at Lund University, is chairman of the ethics council and author of the preface that frames what sustainability in the fashion industry means.

Image: The winners of Encouragement for Action 2020. Sarah Arts, Asket, Caroline Hamrin, Arkivet Stockholm and Erik Lindwall, Guringo Design Studio (Södra/OnceMore® not in the image).

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