Press release 04.06.24: Fashion Week Trade expands: strong brands join and exhibition space doubles

Fashion Week Trade, Sweden’s fashion week for retail trade, will double the exhibition space at the fair on 12-16 August. There are currently 140 showrooms in Stockholm Fashion District and, together with exhibitors in the fair halls, around 700 brands within fashion, shoes and accessories will showcase their collections in August. An additional exhibition hall will be opened as well as a separate section dedicated to swimwear and underwear.

Ebba Hultberg, Head of Projects and Events at Stockholm Fashion District, comments;
“For us, focus is on trade, inspiration, and networking. We are in the process of putting together a program that will be both inspiring and educational. It is clear that there is a great need for our business forum and that it is of importance for trade in Sweden. In addition to selling new collections, many brands use our platform to build a network within the industry and strengthen their brand, for example through shows and by organising their own events.”
Jonathan Säfsten, Strategic Sales Manager at Stockholm Fashion District, adds;
“We are receiving a high number of registrations and there is great interest from both Swedish and international brands within fashion, shoes and accessories. It will be a huge benefit to all buyers and the entire industry to be able to gather everyone in one place, at Stockholm Fashion District. Stockholm is clearly an important meeting place today and we have a fully booked district this season.”
Helena Waker, CEO of Stockholm Fashion District, concludes;
“Fashion Week Trade has experienced strong growth in recent seasons. The development and consolidation of Stockholm Fashion District is significant for the industry. We look forward to a fantastic week in August and an exciting autumn.”
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The fair halls (Fair Hall A and Fair Hall B) will accommodate numerous new and prominent brands, such as;

Holzweiler, Lovechild 1979, MbyM, Modström, Hunter Boots, Human Scales, House of Vincent, Naghedi, Karen by Simonsen, Levete Room, Lola Casademunt, Our Units, Scotch & Soda, Chantelle, Empreinte and MORE.
(the full list to be announced soon)

Facts about Fashion Week Trade

Fashion Week Trade is organised twice a year in Stockholm Fashion District and consists of;
  • Two buildings with a total of 140 permanent showrooms in Stockholm Fashion District;
    Stockholm Showroom: 10,000 square meters and 84 showrooms with fashion, shoes, accessories, interior design and swimwear and underwear.Stockholm Shoe House: 4,200 square meters and 56 showrooms with shoes and accessories.
  • Two exhibition halls: Fair Hall A and Fair Hall B totalling 6200 square meters with fashion, shoes, accessories, swimwear and underwear.


About Fashion Week Trade
Fashion Week Trade is organised twice a year in Stockholm Fashion District. It is a fashion week with trade in focus, intended for store owners, buyers, press and other stakeholders. Stockholm Showroom and Stockholm Shoe House have an open house, and guest exhibitors gather in the fair halls under different concepts.
About Stockholm Fashion District 
Stockholm Fashion District is a unique and innovative business meeting place that features both digital and physical showrooms open year-round. It hosts fashion weeks and textile fairs with a focus on trade, attracting Swedish and international brands as well as buyers. The district also provides creative forums, seminars, and training opportunities for further development.
Helena Waker, CEO, Trade Partners Sweden
Linda Ekström, Interim Head of Communications & Marketing, Trade Partners Sweden
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