Nominate sustainable fashion companies to the prestigious sustainability prize Encouragement for Action 2020!

The nomination procedure for sustainability prize Encouragement for Action 2020 is open. The interest for the price, that can be seen as an encouragement and inspiration for a more sustainable fashion industry, continues to stay strong and the jury groups consist of several new well-established names together with experts and jury members from previous seasons.

The winners of the four categories will be presented at a ceremony during Fashion Week Trade at Stockholm Fashion District, taking place on the 10th-15th of August 2020.

The positive and appreciated possibility to invite the general public to nominate their favorites is back this season as well. Furthermore, this will create an exciting mix when the fashion industry’s suggestions are mixed together with the general public’s favorites.

“We believe that encouragement and good examples will help inspire more to develop and offer new types of services and products at a higher speed. We are aware that the challenges in the fashion industry still aren’t solved, but what is important to highlight is that no one is alone with these challenges. The industry, as well as the consumers, will continue to find new ways to create a more sustainable environment and it is these pioneers that we want to award and encourage. Clothing is a basic product and it is also a way to express yourself. However, we do see an urgent need to find a way to build a more sustainable closet.” says Janike Eleby, Head of Communication, and Project Manager of Encouragement for Action together with Gunilla Grübb, Head of Public Relations, Stockholm Fashion District.

”We are currently facing a dramatic break-point where both traditional consumption patterns and old business models are challenged. Today we continually get terrifying updates about the climate change’s negative effect on our environment. However, there is also a more hopeful and positive side of it – when people get more aware about the situation, new solutions and ideas to create more sustainable fashion will increase. The fashion industry is one of the industries that has the highest impact on the environment today. This means that new innovations that are developed and used within the industry can, in a short period of time, do a great amount of good. Because of this, initiatives such as Encouragement for Action is so important: Not only to share light and encourage the positive examples, but also to share new knowledge.” says Philip Warkander, lecturer of fashion science, Lund University, and chairman of the Ethical Board of Encouragement for Action.

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The four categories of Encouragement for Action 2020 are:

closing the loop

Reuse where waste/the impact is minimized so much that a cycle exists or is perceived as an opportunity close in time. New business models and ways of doing business become the solution to the problem of continued consumption in a more sustainable way with respect for raw materials, the environment and people.

fashion retail talks sustainability

To use the digital or physical meeting with the customer to encourage consumers to choose sustainable consumption. Sales should mean consideration for the customer and all parts of the industry must be included in the journey towards a more sustainable consumption society.

fashion tech

Digital and technological advances that have led to or in the near future will lead to a positive sustainable change. We encourage those who with new technology have found solutions and interconnected fashion with new technology. Tech stands for development and the importance of daring to be visionary and lead the way for others.

value-bearing sustainability

Sustainable valuation that has brought a product or brand onto the world market with its story. By daring to communicate the question (or solution) of sustainability, this topic is in our consciousness, both for the consumer and in the brand’s continued development.


Gunilla Grübb, Head of Public Relations, Stockholm Fashion District
+46 70 209 30 57,

Janike Eleby, Head of Communication, Stockholm Fashion District
+46 70 307 85 59,


In June 2018, Stockholm Fashion District instituted an award to raise awareness and bring attention to important ideas in sustainability, digitization and fashion tech. Stockholm Fashion District always work inclusive and, together with important organizations and stakeholders in our network, we assign selected companies and brands recognition for a performance that can be a product, a project or equivalent. The award should also be seen as an encouragement to continue on the entered path. In this way, we want to participate in creating awareness and bring attention to important ideas in sustainability in our industry.

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