Press release 05.08.2022: They can win the sustainability award Encouragement for Action 2022

Stockholm Fashion District presents the finalists for the prestigious award Encouragement for Action. During the nomination period, the engagement was high and over 100 nominated companies/initiatives were submitted for evaluation to the ethics council and respective jury group. Four well-reputed jury groups have appointed three to five finalists in each category. The winners will be presented at an award ceremony on August 31, 2022, in connection with Stockholm Fashion Week.

Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District as an encouragement award and an exhibition with the aim of promoting sustainability and development in the fashion industry. Together with the ethical council, a renowned jury, organizations, and stakeholders in our network, Stockholm Fashion District awards selected companies and brands recognition for their work. The award is an encouragement to continue on the chosen path and as an inspiration to others to continue developing their sustainability journey. In this way, Stockholm Fashion District contributes to creating attention and awareness around important ideas within sustainability in our industry.

”We are now facing an urgent situation. But the question of how fashion – both within production and consumption – can become more sustainable is far from easy to answer. There is no universal cure. Clothes are both a basic commodity and a luxury consumption, so the solution is neither a prohibition nor that we should stop buying clothes. The goal should rather be to reduce overconsumption, that we use the clothes we already have – more often and for longer periods, instead of bans and prohibitions, we should convey good examples. We should highlight new solutions and alternatives for how more sustainable fashion can look like, rather than pointing the finger at those who have not come as far” writes Philip Warkander, Assistant Professor, Swedish School of Textiles and chairman of Encouragement for Action’s ethical council.

Stockholm Fashion District now presents the 17 finalists, all whom have a strong intention to contribute to the sustainable development of the fashion industry.

”Sharing knowledge about opportunities for new business ideas and innovations is of great importance for the development of all actors in the fashion industry. It is extremely important to be able to solve our challenges at a faster pace. We are also very happy for the strong commitment shown for Encouragement for Action” says Helena Waker, CEO of Stockholm Fashion District and Trade Partners Sweden.



For their groundbreaking innovations that take us closer to circular material flows for textiles.

Finalists 2022
Kind Of
The Swedish Wool Initiative


An Innovation that solves previously unsolvable problems or contributed to raising awareness of the need for a shift in mindset.

Finalists 2022
Wargön Innovation


Because their business idea includes usage and reusage without compromising on identity, personal expression, and style.

Finalists 2022
Houdini Sportswear
Herr Judit
Green Little Heart


For their strong identity, transparency, and clear positions.

Finalists 2022
AVAVAV Firenze
A New Sweden
Lars Wallin


In 2022, Encouragement for Action will be presented at the Swedish Institute in Paris, during Paris Fashion Week. Previous and this year’s winners will be highlighted in an exhibition for international actors with a sustainability focus and other important stakeholders. 


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Read more about Encouragement for Action, the ethical council and respective jury group here

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