Press release 10.08.2023: Here are the finalists of Encouragement for Action 2023!

It is with excitement that Stockholm Fashion District now can present the finalists of its renowned sustainability award, Encouragement for Action. This year there were a high number of nominees from various companies and initiatives operating within different fields of the industry. Both big and small actors could be found among the contenders, presenting the jury groups with interesting insights as they evaluated who was most fitting to be included in this year’s finalists. Four well-reputed jury groups have appointed three to five finalists in each category; the winners will be presented at an award ceremony on September 13, 2023.

Stockholm Fashion District hereby presents the 17 finalists, all of whom have a strong intention to contribute to the sustainable development of the fashion industry.

The fashion industry is in a process of transformation, we all need to encourage companies, initiatives and brands. We want to engage the industry to act and to be part of a positive change for a better future. The goal for our organization is to empower sustainable trade and inspire people, we are therefore very proud to present the finalists of Encouragement for Action 2023.
– Helena Waker, CEO of Stockholm Fashion District and Trade Partners Sweden.


Encouragement for Action was established in 2018 by Stockholm Fashion District as an encouragement award and an exhibition with the aim of promoting sustainability and development in the fashion industry. Together with the ethical council, a renowned jury, organizations and stakeholders in our network, Stockholm Fashion District awards selected companies and brands recognition for their work. The award is an encouragement to continue on the chosen path and as an inspiration to others to continue developing their sustainability journey. In this way, Stockholm Fashion District contributes to creating attention and awareness around important ideas within sustainability in our industry.



For their groundbreaking innovations that take us closer to circular material flows for textiles.

Finalists 2023
– Sharetex
– Swedish Wool Initiative/Ullinitiativet
– Sustainable Fashion Academy (STICA)

Jury group: Camilla Kock (Vice President Trade Partners Sweden / Wordline), Marie Jonsson (Rekotex), Angeline Elfström (OnceMore), Kajsa Guterstam (Swedish Institute), Linda Pimmeshofer (Microsoft), Nora Eslander (Renewcell).

An Innovation that solves previously unsolvable problems or contributed to raising awareness of the need for a shift in mindset.

Finalists 2023
– Vividye
– Noms
– Imogo
– 3dear
– Papertale

Jury group: Ebba Hultberg (Stockholm Fashion District), Jennie Rosén (Swedish Fashion Council),
Andreas Adren (Odd Molly), Erik Lindvall (Guringo), Nils-Krister Persson (University of Borås), Simon Hjelte (Fashion Ink.), Johan Magnusson (Scandinavian Mind).

Because their business idea includes usage and re-usage without compromise on identity, personal expression and style.

Finalists 2023
– Busfrö
– Grandpa
– Icebug
– Residus
– Green Little Heart

Jury group: Helena Waker (Stockholm Fashion District), Gabriel Duke (Sveriges Textilhandlare), Karin Strassburg (Invest Stockholm), Caroline Hamrin (Arkivet), Mathias Forsberg (Nacka kommun), Nickie Excellie (Alecta Fastigheter), Johan Graffner (Dedicated).

For their strong identity, transparency and clear positions.

Finalists 2023
– Brixtol Textiles
– Louise Xin
– Mini Rodini
– Gotlands Strumpfabrik

Jury group: Vanessa Leporati (Stockholm Fashion District), Anna Blom (Fashion Journalist), Jon Bergsman (WDW Creative), Nina Campioni (ELLE), Linn Frisinger (Swedish Stockings), Konrad Olsson (Scandinavian Mind), Kajsa Åström (Habit).

Read more about Encouragement for Action and The Ethical Council here.

Photo above: Houdini Sportswear is awarded in the category Fashion Retail Talks Sustainability in 2022. Photographer: Ramsus Lindahl.



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