Stockholm Fashion District welcomes you to a new season, shaped by the “new normal”!

Today, Fashion Week Trade begins at Stockholm Fashion District. Between the 10th –15th of August, the upcoming season will be presented to both new and returning guests with a focus on trade, business meetings, inspiration and development. Stockholm Fashion District as a business platform steps into the future, with an interesting combination of physical and digital meetings in line with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s directive on social distancing.

Fashion Week Trade at Stockholm Fashion District is an important business venue for the Swedish fashion industry’s buyers, suppliers and brands. At Fashion Week Trade, visitors do their purchases, get inspiration, business intelligence on trends and new digital tools and, above all, the important conversation, this season perhaps more important than ever. Where is the industry now and what are we moving towards?

“Covid-19 has changed the landscape for the fashion industry and the need for digitization has increased rapidly. New challenges require new solutions. I am proud that Stockholm Fashion District now, with great flexibility, offers a platform for business meetings and seminars digitally. Despite all challenges, it is exciting to see that SFD, together with the industry, is moving forward at such a fast pace,” says Helena Waker, CEO of Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District.

From the program

In a series of seminars, the effect of Covid-19 and how the fashion industry has adapted to the changes are examined. What digital news has the customer already learnd to love and what comes next? Among the lecturers one finds Mikael Ahlström, Bambuser, Sofia Noren, Swish, and Ida Antebro & Lisa Arnell, Aller Media.

Stockholm Fashion District’s important initiative Buyers Club returns to Fashion Week Trade on the 14th of August. Here, buyers and store owners meet to discuss successful initiatives and challenges in a changing world. This season, Lisa Rogalin, CEO of Rosenrummet at NK and founder of Style Academy, visits Buyers Club to talk about how a Personal Shopper works to give the customers a curated wardrobe.

In a new showroom

During the spring, lifestyle brand Ceannis has established themselves at Stockholm Showroom and PVH Group with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger Shoes in their portfolio, together with the shoe material supplier Brunner, are new additions at Stockholm Shoe House.

“We are proud of the new establishments and warmly welcome our new brands to the district. Stockholm Fashion District continues to be an important platform for trade and the Swedish fashion industry,” says Vanessa Leporati, Chairman of Trade Partners Sweden and Stockholm Fashion District.

Digitization of showrooms The software company Touchtech has developed a new solution for virtual showrooms. Brands at Stockholm Fashion District will be the first ones to use this solution during Fashion Week Trade. Participating brands in this pilot project are Sneaky Steve, Gant, Sweeks and Seven/East.

Stockholm Fashion District is large and offers plenty of space for social distancing for our visitors. Here, everyone can meet and take care of their purchases according to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s directive, and we have prepared the district to care for our visitors safety. Together, we have a joint responsibility to limit the spread of infection and Stockholm Fashion District follows the Public Health Agency’s directives and we continuously update our directions.


Gunilla Grübb, Head of Public Relations, Stockholm Fashion District +46 70 209 30 57,

Janike Eleby, Head of Communication, Stockholm Fashion District +46 70 307 85 59,

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