Welcome to Fashion Week Trade February 8-13, 2021!

We are now opening the registration for visitors and presenting the theme for the coming season at Stockholm Fashion District, which begins with Fashion Week Trade on February 8-13, 2021! The theme of the season is Relationships – how to build stronger relationships in a digital age. We delve deeply into the subject of relationships and examine how we can build stronger relationships between brand, sales organization, store and end customer. Register for Fashion Week Trade today!

In order for you to feel safe due to Covid-19 when you visit  Stockholm Fashion District, we have taken several measures and new risk assessments are made regularly. We follow the Public Health Agency’s advice and guidelines closely. Our starting point this season is pre-booked meetings to ensure the right distance and security for our visitors. We also know that it is extremely important to continue doing business and Stockholm Fashion District’s mission is to support the companies in our community. We do this in several different ways, including through an exciting program that it is possible to participate in digitally and by helping with digitization. Keep an eye out, programs and exciting news will be presented in early 2021!

The theme of the season is manifested through a picture by the photographer Sarah Lönn.

Welcome to a new season!


Janike Eleby, Head of Communication, Stockholm Fashion District
+46 70 307 85 59,

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