After 30 years in the fashion industry, I longed to build something for myself. And something with more important content. Something playful, with humor. Of course, it would be a sustainable business. Then I have to make clothes for children, I thought. Children are our future.

Why ikidandfriends
Ikid (or ikidandfriends) is a fun wordplay which is an abbreviation of "I am joking" or "just kidding". iki was also my nickname as a kid. So it's my early i;D. We've all been - just kids. And if we can keep the child's mind all of life, everything would be much more fun. We would be more open-minded, more creative and curious. More weird. And weird is fun.

iki (粋/いき)
iki is also a a concept in Japanese aesthetics that might be translated to "refined spontaneity". An expression of “simplicity”, “sophistication”, and “originality”. Or just stylish and cool. I like that. And I also love Japanese fashion and design.

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