Our story
KAFFE is a Danish fashion brand located in Ikast, that has provided the natural feminine woman with a modern Scandinavian style since 1993.
KAFFE’s collections are designed for modern women of all ages, sizes and personalities.
We want women to be the best version of themselves every day, without having to try too hard. It has to be you!
True to the KAFFE philosophy, we are loyal to the past and believe in future classics.
With over 20 years of experience, we continue to create timeless collections with beautiful feminine details.
Our great fabrics, fits and versatile styles offer an effortless and refined look.
KAFFE is a part of DK Company, a successful multi-brand fashion group and today one of Europe’s most established fashion suppliers.

KAFFE’s NOOS collection highlights essential MUST-HAVES for your everyday wardrobe.
Never out of stock, timeless classics are selected with care for you.
True to KAFFE’s DNA, the NOOS collection reflects:
Scandinavian Style
Timeless Classics
Excellent Qualities
Effortless Versatile Styles
Refined Look
Great fabrics & Fits


KAFFE is a brand that cares about the people and the planet surrounding us.
We know that also we play a part in ensuring a better place for our next generations to grow up in.
KAFFE is part of DK Company where there is great emphasis on improving the lives of workers worldwide and the environment.
Please click here to see how we work with sustainability at DK Company.
As a brand we contribute to the overall sustainability strategy by sourcing through approved suppliers and being creative within the boundaries of our sustainable material strategy. As an add-on to our products, you will in the future experience more and more sustainable materials added.

We hope you will like it as much as we do.

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