Panos Emporio

Panos Emporio was founded in 1986 and has long experience in trends and product development for swimwear.
In 2020 we also launched high quality legwear, apparel and underwear collections
“Affordable luxury that’s better for our planet”
We design essential products to live in, for multi-purpose use and basic needs. We create our products using technology and as many innovative & recyclable elements as possible.
As a brand owner we have a responsibility to push forward and to make better products. Better to wear, better for your skin, but also better for our planet. “Sustainable” is a difficult word to use when producing textiles, but we really work hard to create better products in every way every day with Design-Purpose-Science-Durability as our keywords.

Panos Emporio is high quality swimwear and loungewear designed for all people, no matter style or body type.



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