Confident Style
Qúe is for women of all ages. Qúe represents a lifestyle rather than a fashion statement, of women that dare to stand in the spotlights and stand out from the crowds.

Trendy with a Twist
Qúe’s fashionable and trendy styles have a fresh twist, which adds character and personality to the clothes. Qúe gives your customers a way to express themselves, without necessarily only following current fashion trends. You can rest assured that this brand identity is present in every line, year after year.

Perfect fit
Clothes need to fit well to become favourites. That is why we use two different fits, depending on the size. Women with size 6 – 14 (EU-size 36 – 42) have different needs than those with sizes 16 to 28 (EU-sizes 44 – 56), and we grade our clothes accordingly. This way, we can ensure a good fit for women in all sizes that highlights the feminine shapes of a curvy body.

The semi-annual collection uses high-quality fabrics with unique prints. We often use viscose, cotton, silk, and linen to create a mix of light and coarse fabrics. The materials are selected with care, as they need to be pleasant to wear for women in sizes and shapes.

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