Trousers that Fit Everyone
Robell trousers are designed for women of all ages and all sizes. The ultra-comfortable trousers fit incredibly well and are perfect for everyday wear, no matter what your day may bring. Robell trousers are made to fit real women, not mannequins.

Unique Fit
The different styles are made with a unique stretch-material that makes sure the trousers fit no matter your shape or size. The unique stretch-materials makes sure the trousers fit no matter your shape or size, whether you prefer a slim fit, super slim fit, or boot cut. The jeans and trousers are graded to achieve a perfect fit in all sizes, whether you wear a size 6 (EU-size 34) or 24 (EU-size 52).

Fashion and Quality
Robell’s semi-annual line comes in fashionable colours, prints, and patterns, reflecting the current trends and season. You will find the jeans and trousers in different styles and several colours, each in various fits, lengths, and qualities. Therefore, we can safely say we have a perfect pair of trousers for every woman. This makes Robell trousers the ideal addition to your clothes shop, boutique or online fashion shop. We often use Denim, Bengalin, or Jacquard, as each of these fabrics is available in a stretch-version.

NOOS and Bestsellers
We have both a NOOS and a bestseller range, where you find the most popular trousers and jeans; the ones that never fall out of style. You can order year-round, on our B2B-shop, via your sales agent, or via Godske customer service. We make sure we express deliver your best-selling trousers and jeans directly to your shop, whenever you need them. This way, you don’t have to keep a large amount in stock, but can still able to deliver all sizes, year-round.

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