Cotonificio Ronghi Spa
Welcome to the site of Cotonificio Ronghi Spa , a historic family business founded in 1930 , specializing in the fabrics sector.

Distribution company in Italy and abroad of shirt fabrics, to date, is one of the most important Italian reference points in the "shirt fabrics" sector in Puglia and Southern Italy.

In our headquarters we have about one million meters of fabric divided between classic, continuous and seasonal items (autumn winter - spring summer).

Welcome to the site of Cotonificio Ronghi srl - Casamassima (Bari)quality and guarantee
Quality certificateWe guarantee maximum regularity in the availability of fabrics as well as the quality of our products, thanks to an efficient control system that starts from the first stages of production and ends in our headquarters just before delivery to the customer.
Finally, we offer an excellent quality / price ratio on the national and international market and we can supply on request - respecting the minimum quantities - any design in any construction and finishing.

Download the continuous collection Cotonificio Ronghi... download the collection
In order to download the new collection of our shirting fabrics, you need to log in to the site with the username and password entered during the registration phase.

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